How to create quality content (with Yoast SEO)

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Content is everywhere. On your website, social media, newsletters, and many more places. That makes it very important to create quality content. And because your target audience is overloaded with a crazy amount of information, you need to make sure your content also stands out. But how can you make quality content and how can Yoast SEO help with this? In this workshop, Willemien will tell you all about it!


High-quality content is the content that meets the needs of your audience and answers a users’ query. Of course, this sounds easier than it is. Following these 3 steps can help you:

  1. Decide on your topic before writing: To choose your topic, define your target audience, do keyword research, and determine your goal. For this you can use Googles’ search results, People also ask, or Semrush in Yoast SEO.
  2. Writing with a plan: Don’t start writing immediately, but create a text structure first (check the replay for an example). In addition, use proper headings, concise paragraphs, transition words, and bring variety to your text with related keyphrases and synonyms.
  3. After writing: Before you publish your post, check the readability and SEO fitness of your text with Yoast SEO! Make sure to add (social) images and internal links to improve findability.

But… The best tip we can give is practice, practice, practice! You’ll get better with every piece you write.

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Topics discussed in this workshop

Timestamps indicate when the topic comes up in the recording

  • 0:04 – workshop agenda
  • 1:17 – 3 elements of great content
  • 2:04 – What is great content about
  • 2:56 – Seperate fact from fiction
  • 4:22 – Find out who your audience is
  • 11:20 – Semrush in Yoast SEO
  • 12:07 – 3 types of goal for your article
  • 14:43 – Match the search intent
  • 16:09 – What is the readers next action
  • 17:27 – What to know before you start write
  • 18:01 – Set your focus keyphrase
  • 21:45 – Create a text structure
  • 23:07 – Important pointers to keep in mind
  • 23:33 – 1. Paragraph
  • 24:40 – 2. Headings
  • 27:56 – 3. Transition words
  • 28:57 – Importance of synonyms and related keyphrases.
  • 31:47 – Use Yoast SEO as your teacher
  • 35:25 – The Yoast readabalitiy analysis
  • 37:13 – The Yoast Google Preview
  • 38:21 – The Yoast SEO analysis
  • 39:36 – Summary
  • 43:50 – Q&A

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