Recruitment code

The Yoast recruitment code (hereinafter referred to as ‘the code’) contains the basic rules that, in the opinion of the Dutch Association for Personnel Management and Organizational Development (NVP), should be observed by organizations and applicants during the recruitment and selection process. The purpose of the code is to provide a standard for a transparent and fair recruitment and selection procedure.

Underlying principles

1. The code is based on the following underlying principles:

  • The applicant has a fair chance at appointment, this means equal opportunity for equal ability. Yoast will choose on the basis of suitability with respect to the position.
  • Yoast does not make any distinction in terms of religion, political preferences, race, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability, illness or marital status.
  • Positive discrimination is only allowed for women or members of ethnic or cultural minority groups. A preferential treatment must aim to eliminate or reduce actual inequality.
    The applicant will be fully informed of the application procedure, the details of the vacant position and the level thereof within Yoast.
  • Yoast will only use the information that is needed to assess suitability for the position.
  • The applicant will provide Yoast with the information that we need to form a true picture of the applicant’s suitability for the vacant position and of his professional competence (education, knowledge and experience) and will not withhold information that he/she knows or ought to know is important to the fulfilment of the vacancy for which he is applying.
  • Yoast will truthfully provide the applicant with all information that he/she needs in order to be able to form as complete a picture as possible of the job vacancy and of Yoast.
  • All information provided by the applicant will be treated confidentially and with due care and the applicant’s privacy will be respected in all cases.
  • Both the applicant and Yoast are aware that information available from open sources such as the internet and information obtained from third parties is not always reliable. The information that is obtained will be discussed with the applicant with reference to the source and Yoast is transparent about the obtained information.
  • If an applicant submits a written complaint to Yoast about the recruitment and selection process in violation with the code, Yoast will respond to that complaint in writing.

2. The code is in line with current European legislation.


1. Should Yoast decide that a vacancy exists or will exist, we will prepare a recruitment profile in which the relevant details of the vacant position are set out. This will in any event include: the duties and responsibilities accompanying such position, the level/place of the position within Yoast, the nature of the employment, working hours and duration and work location.

2. Job requirements may relate to professional competence (education, knowledge and experience), conduct and personal skills. Requirements of a personal kind will be set only if necessary for the proper performance of the job-related duties and to the extent they do not conflict with statutory regulations.

3. In addition to the relevant job description, the recruitment profile will state the method of application and the term within which the application must be submitted, the information to be provided by the applicant (such as education, diplomas, employment history and experience) and if applicable: any addition selection procedures and/or methods.

4. Yoast will give the applicant clarity of the application procedure to be followed. This means that if Yoast deviates from the originally chosen procedure, these changes are communicated and explained to the applicant. The applicant may request a deviation from the procedure if there is a well-founded reason to do so.


1. Yoast will notify the applicant as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after expiry of the closing date:

  • if the applicant has been rejected;
  • if the applicant is being invited for an interview;
  • if the application is being put on hold including indication of the time period within which further notice will follow.

If the applicant is invited for an interview or if the application has been put on hold, the applicant will be notified by Yoast and they will include their current selection procedure and state the expected duration

2. During the recruitment process Yoast may require that the applicant identifies himself by means of valid identification.

3. If Yoast, by way of pre-selection, makes use of a digital assessment, we ensure the accuracy and confidentiality. The candidate receives a motivated result after participation.

4. If Yoast is prepared to reimburse the applicant’s reasonable incurred expenses in the course of the proceedings, we will announce this in advance.

End selection and decision

1. If in any phase of the application procedure, Yoast decides that an applicant will no longer be considered for the vacancy, this applicant will receive a written and motivated notice within in two weeks of this decision.

2. The application procedure is considered to be concluded if the job vacancy has been filled by one or more applicants or if Yoast has decided that the vacancy should be withdrawn. All persons who at that time are still participating in the procedure will receive notice of this fact within two weeks.

3. Where applicable, all information received from an applicant will either be returned or destroyed within four weeks following a rejection, unless otherwise agreed with the applicant. After one year, the applicant might be contacted again in order to update his/her information and to obtain his/her consent to keep the information on file for another period of time, unless otherwise agreed. If the applicant will not be contacted again, his/her information will be deleted.