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New online course
Technical SEO 1

New online course: Technical SEO 1

Today we’re launching our first technical SEO training. This training will help EVERYONE to understand those difficult technical SEO issues. We’ll teach you exactly how to analyze (and solve) the most common technical SEO issues. Technical SEO can be quite daunting, but with this training, you’ll be able to fully grasp al those complicated technical SEO issues.

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Technical SEO 1 training Info


In this technical SEO training, the focus will be on crawlability. Crawlability is the most important technical SEO aspect. It has to do with al the things that can prevent Google from crawling and indexing your website. Very important stuff. If Google isn’t able to crawl and index your website properly, ranking in the search engines is never going to happen. In this technical SEO course, we’ll cover al the common issues  which prevent Google from crawling your website properly.robots.txt, crawl budget, canonical link elements…

This course will cover a broad variety of topics, all having to do with crawlability. After an introduction about SEO and crawlability, we’ll teach you about HTTP headers and HTTP status codes. After that, we’ll cover robots meta tags, the canonical link element and robots.txt. Subsequently, we’ll teach you how HTML, JavaScript and CSS can influence crawlability, and we’ll go into sitewide SEO. Finally, we’ll offer you a lesson in site speed.

This technical SEO course covers all kind of subjects we blog about as well. However, this course will give more insights and explains all these subjects in much more detail.

Technical SEO 1 contains…

The technical SEO 1 training consists of 11 lessons divided over 6 modules. Every lesson starts with a training video in which Joost and Marieke explain the material. After that, we invite you to read some additional texts. In most lessons, a screencast is added in which we show you how to use different tools (Yoast SEO, Quix, Google Search Console). At the end of every lesson, you’ll have to answer some challenging questions. These questions will check whether or not you understood the material. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate and a badge to put on your website.

Technical SEO 1: The first of many?

We’re planning on releasing more technical SEO courses after this first one.  There are a lot of other important technical SEO issues that we could cover. We’re  for instance thinking about a course on hreflang or about schema.org. What are your thoughts about a second technical SEO course? Which subjects would you like to learn about?

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4 Responses to New online course: Technical SEO 1

  1. André Zanon
    By André Zanon on 24 February, 2017

    Hey Marieke!

    I’ll subscribe to this course. I never bought nothing from you guys, I only use Yoast SEO and you really did a great job.

    I’ll post my opinion after start studyng! Thanks for everything.

    Rafael Querido

  2. EDM
    By EDM on 22 February, 2017

    One of my team members has signed up for the technical SEO course, and he really thanked me for redirecting him to the course. Great buy.

  3. Cindy
    By Cindy on 22 February, 2017

    Hello I have been looking at your courses and have some questions. I sell Jewelry on wocommerce. I would like to make sure I am doing things right on my website and wonder which course is best for me? I have a web designer doing most of my web stuff but I do all the product and blog listings.
    Can you please guide me on this?

    • Ben Vaassen
      By Ben Vaassen on 2 March, 2017

      Hi Cindy,

      We’d recommend you to follow the Basic SEO training course. In this training, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of SEO. We’ll teach you how to develop your own SEO strategy and optimize your own website with lots of practical tips. For a quick summary of what each module included entails, please read https://yoast.com/academy/course/basic-seo-training/