Innovations by Yoast: Structured data

We believe that structured data will play a huge role in the future of search. It’ll also change the wider web, and create new possibilities. Helping search engines and other systems truly understand content unlocks incredible potential.

Unfortunately, many websites don’t take full advantage of structured data. That’s because implementing structured content is hard. It’s technically complex, it breaks easily, and it’s difficult to integrate correctly. That is, until now!

We’ve invested thousands of hours into defining and building a unique approach to integrating markup. Now, that approach is a core part of our software. Website owners and users can take advantage of rich, structured data, without having to worry about micromanaging their code. It’s all taken care of automatically, in the background, as they write.

But we wanted to think bigger. We wanted to truly solve the challenges of implementing structured markup, for everybody. So we’ve developed flexible APIs, which allow plugin and theme developers to extend or alter our approach. We’ve made it easy for other platforms, plugins and teams to connect their structured data. We’ve also made all of our technical documentation open-source so that anybody can build on the work we’ve done.

We’re paving the way for a more connected, more intelligent world wide web. We’re really excited to see what people build. You can read more about our integration here.

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