It might seem counter-intuitive to add links to other websites to your content because you’re encouraging your visitors to go check out a different site, but adding relevant outbound links is good SEO practice. By adding relevant outbound links to your content, you help both search engines and your visitors discover useful and interesting websites!

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If your outbound link score is too low, you should add more outbound links to your texts. It’s good practice to add at least one external source to your content. So, think about articles that might be relevant resources for your users, as that’ll improve your site’s user experience!

For example, you could include a link to an article that discusses a subtopic of what your post is about, without having to go off-topic yourself. Or, you could include links to the sources that you consulted when writing the page. By adding relevant links, you allow your users to learn even more about the topic and that’s beneficial for SEO!

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