Premium content: Speed optimization 101 – Jono Alderson

Today, we’ve got some exclusive, premium content in store for you! In this masterclass on site speed optimization, Jono Alderson offers some great insights into both basic improvements as well as advanced optimization. He shows you how to define site speed. He tells you what tools (not) to use and how to best use them. He gives you a host of tips you can apply immediately. And as if all that wasn’t special enough, he also gives you a rainbow unicorn kitten.

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You’ll find an overview of the contents below the video.


0:16 – 1:28: What are we going to discuss?
1:28 – 10:38: Why is site speed important?
10:28 – 24:36: How do you measure speed & what metrics are useful?
24:36 – 31:12: What are the rules of site speed?
31:12 – 32:41: Rule 0: Load less stuff (basics)
32:41 – 33:45: Rule 0: Load less stuff (advanced)
33:45 – 34:39: Rule 1: Tidy up WordPress (basics)
34:39 – 36:39: Rule 1: Tidy up WordPress (advanced)
36:39 – 37:43: Rule 2: Bolt on a CDN (basics)
37:43 – 38:41: Rule 2: Bolt on a CDN (advanced)
38:41 – 41:00: Rule 3: Get better hosting
41:00 – 42:05: Rule 4: Use static page cache
42:05 – 43:08: Rule 5: Optimize your resources (basics)
45:48 – 50:06: Rule 6: Use AMP (?)
50:05 – 51:03: Things we’re not doing, but you should consider
51:03 – 53:28: Resources and further reading
53:28: Bonus: rainbow unicorn kitten