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You have made several steps trying to improve your website’s ranking and conversion. But you’re stuck, or worse, you don’t know where to start. You need someone to tell you what should improve. You need help to achieve immediate conversion and usability improvements and better rankings in search engines.
That’s where we come in with our website reviews.

We offer site reviews in three variations for every type of website and for every kind of budget:

  1. If you want to know the rights and wrongs of your website, we recommend the Quick Review (for sites without shop). We’ll check everything from site design to speed and template code for you for a mere $499.
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  2. For e-commerce websites, we offer the Shop Review. The Shop Review includes all the checks of the other review, but has added checks for specific shop issues. All for just $649.
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  3. If you want an in-depth analysis of your website, including expert opinions on specific aspects of your website, tailor made and written for your website, you might want to order our Full Review. That review checks the same issues as the Quick and Shop Review, but specifically written for your website. It includes SEO visibility analysis, backlink analysis and other issues derived from us checking your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. The price for the Full Review is only $2499.
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If you have to pay VAT this comes on top of these prices, but most won’t have to.

Why you should order a Website Review

Our website review sorts through all the bugs in your current system. It opens your eyes to new strategies you never knew existed – ones that make your rankings and your online sales soar. We’ll take a hard look at your site’s performance, your site design & structure, your basic SEO practices, your tagging and linking strategies, and a whole lot more. If there’s a problem, we’ll find it. And then we’ll explain exactly how to fix it.

Here’s some of the things you can expect to find in your website review:

  • Recommendations on your site’s structure and design.
  • Suggestions to improve your site’s HTML code.
  • Smart optimization strategies to increase your website rankings and SEO traffic.
  • Techniques to convert those visitors into buyers or subscribers.
  • Tips and tricks on increasing the performance of your website.

Quick Review and Shop Review

From our experience with around 800 site reviews in the past three years, we have learned one thing: if you do not let a customer know you have checked every aspect of his website, there will always be some doubt on whether we checked everything. Not anymore.

We have conducted a huge list of checks we can perform for a website. In total, the number of checks largely exceeds 300. Not all are for every website, of course, but if something is, we will from now on include it in our Quick and Shop Reviews. If something is wrong in our opinion, but also if it is right.

breadcrumbs check

We have written clear explanations, including links to relevant articles, of what is right and wrong for all checks. And if something is indeed wrong, we have included directions for a solution or the solution itself.

Quick Review

The Quick Review is for all websites that do not contain a shop. We have over 200 checks we will perform for you. You will receive an online report stating clearly and visually what elements of your website or SEO need attention and which areas you have covered.
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Shop Review

The Shop Review is for e-commerce websites: you will receive the same analysis as the Quick Review, but extended with checks specific for online shops. How’s your product page? Are you guiding the visitor through your shop? What about product reviews? The checklist will be a document you can use to instruct your developer, and work with yourself as well.
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Full Review

The Full Review is a largely updated version of our current review. There where so many things we wanted to check for a customer that we found ourselves struggling with time issues and lack of capacity the majority of the time. To change this around, we decided on the two variations mentioned above.

Since a lot of customers want us to do an even more in-depth analysis of their website, we decided not to stop doing the current review entirely, but had a closer look on what we, with our expert knowledge, would like to see if someone reviewed our website.

The Full Review includes all the checks in the Quick and Shop Review, but with a personal touch and additional insights, specified for your website using for instance clear screenshots. We have upgraded that review a lot by adding even more analysis using SearchMetrics and for instance MajesticSEO. That also means we will be doing a backlink analysis, something we have not done before in our site reviews. We have used both tools sometimes in our reviews, but not as extensive as we will be doing in the new Full Reviews.

That is not all. We’ve had requests from customers to check for instance Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. From now on, these checks will be included in the Full Review. If your site has crawl errors, if your preferred keywords do not match your main landing pages, we will let you know.

Based upon our experience in a larger field than just SEO, you will use this review in the next meeting with your developer, your copywriter and your designer. With the provided todo list in the Full Review, you will be able to improve your website one step at a time.
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Who will perform the Website Review?

The Yoast Website Review team, from left to right: Michiel, Joost and Thijs
The team that conducts the website review consists of three people, from left to right:

  • Michiel Heijmans, one of the first bloggers in the Netherlands, co-founder of one of the first blogs about webdesign and blogging and a veteran in online marketing, having been in this business for more than 10 years. Read Michiel’s posts.
  • Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast.com, a leading WordPress plugin developer and a consultant for global brands like eBay, the Guardian and many more. He regularly speaks on online marketing conferences throughout the world on topics such as SEO, Content Strategy and Conversion Optimization. Read Joost’s posts.
  • Thijs de Valk is a behavioural scientist with a Master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences, and brings knowledge of psychology and education to the team. Thijs has since joining Yoast been specializing in the field of conversion rate optimization, a must for every website. Read Thijs’ posts.
  • Annelieke van den Berg (not in the image – yet) studied Sociology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. After she finished her Masters, she started to work for a market research company. As a project manager, she conducted a lot of (customers satisfaction) surveys, always using behavioural science as a basis. More about Annelieke.

We’ve seen and learned from the big sites, but we also work with the bakery on the corner of the street. The reason? There’s nothing we love more than watching a website site rise up to optimal performance levels after implementing our recommendations.

What others had to say about our Website Review

One of our satisfied customers was Philip Kullmann, who runs Mein Garten Versand, a Magento based webshop:

I ordered a website review for my shop meingartenversand.de. Since I am also a little bit into SEO, I wasn’t sure if the money I spent for a general analysis of my site would be worth it. But after receiving the results I knew that every single Euro was a good investment. Beginning with the design and ending with the site speed I received several suggestions from Yoast to improve my website.

I especially liked that Joost had a close look at my content, which I asked him for. I guess that everybody who runs a website is getting a kind of blind for certain problems. A general review from a neutral professional like Yoast with a lot of experience can point out the biggest problems right away and is a good base to plan what needs to be further analyzed and improved in depth.

Keith who runs mrs2be.ie, a wedding planning site for brides and grooms getting married had this to say:

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail included in our website review. Joost and Michiel did a good job of highlighting the key issues that need to be addressed and explained their importance in a direct and easy to understand manner. The report itself is broken into a logical structure that make it very easy to extract the key points. From reading through the report, I got a clear sense that the analysis went quite deep into the site and covered all of the key sections and categories.

The advice given was specific to each section but not only that, it focussed on both the user experience and SEO. Given the level of expertise that will be looking at your website in detail, I can highly recommend it as being excellent value for money. No matter how well you think you have covered SEO yourself, Joost and Michiel will probably find something that can help improve your SEO.

Want to read more? Look at what others said about our reviews in the sidebar on the right.

How the review process works

Remember, all reviews are the result of the Yoast team looking at your site in-depth. Not an automated analysis like you can get for $50 that’ll just give you two things that are wrong in your HTML without looking at the overall picture. We will spend several hours on your site finding what’s good and bad and then some more explaining to you in clear prose what you should do, why you should do it and how you should do it.

You’ll receive your complete site analysis within about 2 weeks after payment (for Quick and Shop Review) or two weeks after you’ve filled out the intake form (Full Review), and if you make the recommended changes right away, you’ll be seeing fast results, better rankings, and more traffic within a couple of months.

If you fill out the form below, you’re going into the following process.

  • First of all, you’ll receive an invoice (if you have to pay VAT this comes on top of the listed prices, but most won’t have to). You can pay this invoice with your credit card, PayPal, or whichever payment method PayPal offers in your country, or do an international bank transfer.
  • After receiving your payment, we’ll get started on the review and usually deliver the website review within 2 to 3 weeks.

Note that for the Full Review, we’ll send you an intake form after payment and you’ll usually receive the review within 2 to 3 weeks after we receive that intake form.

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