How to use the Wincher keyphrase performance tracker integration in Yoast SEO

If you want your content to rank, you need to work on it continuously. So, after you’ve done your keyword research, written fantastic content, and published it, there is still something you can do. You can track how your posts and keyphrases are doing in the search results, so you can spot opportunities to improve them and get better rankings.

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Easily track how your keyphrases are doing with the Wincher integration in Yoast SEO

Wincher in Yoast SEO makes it possible to track the ranking positions of your keywords easily. Using the new keyphrase performance tracker, you’ll better understand how your posts rank over time. Knowing where you stand in the search results will let you discover if your content works. You’ll see if the improvements to your content have an effect and if you are on your way to outrank your competitors!

Want to quickly see Wincher in Yoast SEO in action? Check out this video!

Compare Yoast SEO free and premium

You can use the Wincher integration with both Yoast SEO free and Yoast SEO Premium, but you also get extra benefits if you have a paid plan for Wincher. In this table, you can find a clear overview of how you can use this feature with different combinations.

 Yoast SEO freeYoast SEO Premium
Wincher freeTrack 1 keyphrase per post, up to 5 keyphrases in totalTrack 5 keyphrases per post, up to 5 keyphrases in total
Wincher paid plan*Track 1 keyphrase per post, up to 500-10,000 keyphrases in totalTrack 5 keyphrases per post, up to 500-10,000 keyphrases in total
*Depending on your Wincher paying plan, you can track up to 500-10.000 keywords

How to use the keyword tracking integration in Yoast SEO

To use Wincher in Yoast SEO, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure the Wincher integration is enabled.

    Go to Yoast SEO in the menu on the left and then click the Integrations menu item. The Wincher integration toggle should be switched on.
    Screenshot of the toggle to enable the Wincher integration in Yoast SEO

  2. Open a published post or a page and go to the ‘Track SEO performance’ tab in the sidebar or the meta box.

    Note: Make sure you have added a focus keyphrase to the post.

  3. Click the ‘Connect with Wincher’ button.

    A new screen will pop up. Follow the instructions there to log in or sign up and connect your site with Wincher. Once you’ve completed all the steps, you’ll be taken back to the post/page editing screen, where you will see the message that you successfully connected to Wincher.

  4. Select the keyphrase you want to track by switching on the tracking toggle next to it.

    You will immediately see the ranking you have for the keyphrase you selected.

  5. Click the View link to get more information.

    Clicking the View link (see the image above) will take you to Wincher. You will be able to see the position of your site for the selected keyphrase in the search results! And, you will access the Wincher dashboard with additional useful insights!
    Note: The results in the screenshot below are hidden to protect privacy.

  6. Improve your content based on the insights you got.

    Now you can try to improve your position in the search results! Need some help? Check out this article:
    How to update your content in 10 steps.

Easily add keyphrases to track before publishing

If you are working on a draft and you have forgotten to add keyphrases to track, Wincher will remind you after you hit Publish and let you add them with a click of a button (see screenshot below).

Track the Wincher insights on the WordPress Dashboard

When you have connected Wincher to your site and added keyphrases to track, a Wincher widget also appears on the WordPress dashboard. That gives you a quick overview of how your keyphrases are doing (see screenshot below).

Get Yoast SEO Premium and track additional keyphrases

Yoast SEO Premium lets you add up to five additional keyphrases per page. By adding additional keyphrases you increase the chance more people find your content. And, instead of focusing on a single keyword through the whole page, you will be prompted to write more varied, engaging content! Combine that with a Wincher paid plan, and you’ll be getting some great results!

Please note

The Wincher integration does currently not work on WordPress multisite setups.

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