How to update your PHP version

The single most important reason to update your PHP version is security. PHP versions 5.2 through to 7.4, while still actively in use on millions of sites, no longer get security updates. Another benefit of updating is the ridiculous increase in speed you get. Therefore, we recommend updating to PHP 8.0+

Create a back-up first!

Before you make any major changes to your site, always create a back-up so you don’t lose valuable content and data.

Most hosts have documentation explaining how you can update your PHP version yourself. In case you cannot do the update yourself, you can ask your hosting company for assistance. Below, we prepared a sample letter that you can use when contacting your host.


For security reasons and an increase in speed I want to update the PHP version of my WordPress website to PHP 8.0 or higher. WordPress also strongly recommends the latest version of PHP on their requirements page,

More information about currently supported versions of PHP can be found here:

I’ve heard that sometimes a website can break when updating the PHP version. Can you assist me and update my site safely to PHP 8.0 or higher?


In this list, you can find the documentation on PHP 7 that our hosting partners provide.

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