Advanced crawl settings: Permalink cleanup

The permalink cleanup feature in the Yoast SEO Premium crawl settings helps reign in different URLs that contain parameters. This is an advanced feature and not without danger, so only use it if you know what you are doing.

DANGEROUS: This is a feature for power users, and misuse can hurt your site. The feature will need to be configured for each site as no single solution works for all sites. Sites that use plugins that rely on query parameters (e.g., calendars with dates, anything that filters, or facets) will need to exclude those parameters and test extensively.

External sites and marketing campaigns will often link to your site using parameters. Like ?source=email, or ? Some of these can be useful for tracking, but most are unnecessary noise – and technically duplicate pages. You can streamline your site and improve crawl efficiency by redirecting URLs with unknown query parameters to the page’s canonical URL.

For utm tracking parameters (used by Google Analytics), we provide a way to change these to use # instead of ? in the URL, which can improve your site’s crawl efficiency without sacrificing functionality.

The permalink cleanup only works on installs that use pretty permalinks. If you don’t have pretty permalinks on your site, the toggles will be greyed-out.

If you have specific URL parameters you want to keep, you can enter these in the Additional URL parameters to allow field.

The permalink cleanup settings in Yoast SEO Premium

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