Free SEO for beginners training

Get ready for our FREE training:
SEO for beginners

Get ready for our FREE training: SEO for beginners

Want to know what makes your site rank higher in Google? Understand how Google works? This is your chance to learn it… for free! For the first time ever, we’re launching a completely free course: the SEO for beginners training. In this course, you’ll take your first steps in the world of Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. The course will be launched on May 7 and is easy, fun and free! So what’s stopping you? 

New to SEO? Get quick wins to make your site rank higher with our FREE SEO for beginners course! »

Free SEO course: SEO for beginners Info

Learn what to do to make your web traffic grow. Create a My Yoast user account now and we’ll give you access to the course on May 7!

Why take this course?

You want to rank higher

Whatever your expertise is, whether you’re a hairdresser, a consultant or a plumber, you probably have a website. And you want it to rank on top in Google. But what if the competition is outranking you? You can beat them through search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is the art of creating a website that search engines and users like. This can give you a head start on the competition that’s still in the dark about SEO. In the SEO for beginners training, you’ll learn why Google likes certain websites more than others. So you’ll know what to improve on your own website.

It’s easy

As this course is for beginners, it doesn’t matter if you know nothing about SEO or not so much about websites yet! We won’t use too many technical terms. We want everyone with a website to be able to understand what makes one website better than the other.

It’s fun and for free!

And on top of that, it’s free and much fun to do! You’ll get access to over two hours of instructional videos, lots of reading material, and challenging quizzes to train what you’ve learned. 

What will you learn?

In this training, you’ll learn which factors make a website rank high in Google’s search results. It will give you a fundamental understanding of how search engines work. You’ll learn about keywords, why they are important and how to choose them well. Also, you’ll get insight in writing SEO-friendly posts and how structuring your site well can improve your rankings.

Why is this course free?

At Yoast we believe in fair chances in the search results for everyone. We think SEO isn’t something only the big companies should be able to do. Small businesses or non-profit organizations, or great ideas in general should get a platform and should be easy to find on the internet as well. That’s why our Yoast SEO plugin is for free, you get a free eBook when you sign up for our newsletter and next week we’ll even add a free course to the list!

How do you get access?

As of May 7 you’ll be able to enroll in this course. It’s completely free. If you don’t want to miss it you can already create a My Yoast account. The course will be automatically added to your account on May 7. We’ll send you an email when it’s available!

23 Responses to Get ready for our FREE training: SEO for beginners

  1. r3b3cca
    r3b3cca  • 2 months ago

    I Just registered for a My Yoast account. Will I still be able to access the Free Training?

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 2 months ago

      Yes! Our free SEO for beginners course will be released today May 7. It will show up automatically in your MyYoast dashboard. Have fun!

  2. Ramon Olivencia
    Ramon Olivencia  • 2 months ago

    I already have a Yoast account but cannot see the link for the free course.

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 2 months ago

      The free SEO for beginners course will be released later today (May 7), you will then automatically have access to it! Hope you’ll enjoy it Ramon! :)

  3. Gopal Shaw
    Gopal Shaw  • 3 months ago

    Nice! Really cool stuff and very inspiring too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. rominadimarco
    rominadimarco  • 3 months ago

    Hi! What time will the course start?

    • Willemien Hallebeek

      Hi Romina, it’s an online course, you can take it whenever you want! Just create an account here: and we’ll give you access on Monday May 7.

      • rominadimarco
        rominadimarco  • 2 months ago

        Thank you!

  5. Patricia
    Patricia  • 3 months ago

    You guys are awesome. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Willemien Hallebeek

      You’re welcome. Happy you appreciate it!

  6. Diana
    Diana  • 3 months ago

    I work for a non-profit. We sure do appreciate a free plugin and a free course! If I have your plugin and get e-mails from you, will you be sending me access to the course?

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 3 months ago

      That’s great Diana! If you have a MyYoast account, you’ll get access to it on Monday. You can sign up here: Good luck and have fun with the course! :)

  7. نکسوان
    نکسوان  • 3 months ago

    Well done for offering this course

  8. chris1975
    chris1975  • 3 months ago

    I’m signing up :) Thanks for this!

  9. Akash bansal
    Akash bansal  • 3 months ago

    They are give best seo training.

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 3 months ago

      Thanks for the compliment Akash! We really appreciate it :)

  10. Tim Oxley
    Tim Oxley  • 3 months ago

    Well done for offering this course – good to help with improving the online world.

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 3 months ago

      Thanks Tim! We totally agree! :)

  11. Sara
    Sara  • 3 months ago

    I will wait for this course, your plugin already very helping, I am sure, this course will help much more.

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 3 months ago

      You’ll definitely enjoy this course then Sara! Have you already signed up here Then you’ll be able to start right away on Monday!

  12. Pushpendra Singh
    Pushpendra Singh  • 3 months ago

    Thank you so much…Really helpful

  13. Damidez
    Damidez  • 3 months ago

    How can i join the training

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 3 months ago

      Hi Damidez! If you create a MyYoast account you will get access to it Monday, May 7th. You can create an account here: Good luck!