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Genesis, Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0

This week, we talk about the updates in the Genesis Framework. Also, learn what StudioPress is planning to do with it. Of course, we have some Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 news as well. Let’s dive in!

Update! WordPress 5.0 is about to be launched soon. Should you update to WordPress 5.0 right away? Read Joost’s advice!

Genesis Framework receiving love again

One of the oldest WordPress theme frameworks out there is the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. In fact, it’s been around for almost 9 years now! A couple of months ago, WP Engine acquired StudioPress and with that, the Genesis Framework started receiving much-needed attention again.

This week, the 2.7 beta was released which prepares it for the future, for the most part. Additionally, they announced that the framework will get an overhaul from an SEO point of view. Something we applaud, of course.

In related news, Array Themes is now part of StudioPress as well. Or WP Engine, depending on how you look at it. This is great news for StudioPress’s portfolio with both Mike McAllister (the owner of Array Themes) and the themes themselves.

And, as I understand it, most of the Array themes will be ported over to a Genesis Child theme as well. You can read more about that in Mike’s announcement post. As an early adopter of, and contributor to the Genesis Framework, I’m very excited to see where this is going.

A large portion of improving Genesis will go into integrating it with the Gutenberg editor. Both internally in Genesis as well as with the Atomic Blocks plugin that came over from Array Themes to StudioPress.

Gutenberg updates

My roundup wouldn’t be complete – as we’re ramping up to the release of WordPress 5.0 – without mentioning Gutenberg’s latest updates. One of my favorite improvements is this one:

The inserter between blocks has been tweaked so that the experience is consistent with all “add block” buttons — it opens the full inserter now.

For a full overview, read the release post here.

WordPress 5.0 schedule

Just as Gutenberg is being updated and refined, so is WordPress 5.0. Here you’ll find the release schedule for WordPress 5.0. The release is still being slated for November 19. Which is in 17 days!

WordPress Watch series

WordPress Watch series

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4 Responses to Genesis, Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0

  1. vippedicab
    vippedicab  • 2 years ago

    Hi, We are upgrading our sites to Gutenberg and I noticed that Yoast SEO Premium doesn’t “see” our content in the SiteOrigin’s Layout plugin. Are you guys going to fix this before launch or is it going to be addressed later (or at all).

    • Remkus de Vries

      Hi there, not sure what the issues is you’re describing here. So, we’ll need to have some more information :) Can you please contact our support team: https://yoa.st/support ?

  2. Joe
    Joe  • 2 years ago

    I may be reading it wrong but WPEngine seems to be unclear on their support for Studiopress as an independent framework/theme offering to the greater WordPress ecosystem and instead moving them toward a WPEngine focused and hosted product. I.e. it seems the acquisition is more about acquiring more hosting clients than offering Genesis/themes to the greater community. All of the press releases and new Studiopress seem to be hinting at that but I’m not sure…

    • Remkus de Vries

      I can see how it might come across as such, and I’m sure that motive certainly has been one of WP Engine’s motives to acquire StudioPress.

      However, I do see a lot of effort being put into making Genesis better. Better as in more up to date with modern practices – like the move to higher PHP minimum version – as well as an update to new possibilities such as the impending inclusion of Gutenberg into WP Core.