Coming soon: Understanding structured data course!

There’s a new Yoast SEO academy course on its way: the Understanding structured data course! Are you ready to take a deep dive into the theory of structured data? After completing this course, you’ll understand the concepts and terms related to structured data in detail. And, implementing this knowledge could help you get wonderful rich results!

Why is structured data so important?

Yes, good question. Structured data is a way of describing your website to make it easier for search engines to understand. You can add structured data to your site by adding some code to your site (or by using a plugin that does this for you). It’s becoming more and more important to add structured data to your site because search engines can use it to display search results in a much richer way, with an image and reviews, for example.

An example of rich search results powered by structured data

If you want to be able to compete in the search results nowadays, you need structured data. This may sound daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start, but we’re here to help!

A sequel to the Structured data for beginners course

The new Understanding structured data training course is a sequel to our previous – and free! – course on structured data: the Structured data for beginners course. Over 5000 users have already taken this course. If you haven’t started this course yet, we recommend you do!

If you have already completed this beginner’s course (well done!), our Understanding structured data training course will be the perfect next step to deepen your knowledge. Of course, this course is also great if you already gained some basic knowledge of structured data elsewhere.

What will you learn in the Understanding structured data course?

In this new course about understanding structured data, you’ll learn things like:

  • what metadata, schema, and structured data entail;
  • that there are different types of structured data markup, but that JSON-LD is the standard (and why);
  • where to place and find structured data in a site’s code;
  • how to read the structured data markup JSON-LD;
  • where to find types of schema that you can use to implement in your site.

In short: after this training course, structured data will no longer hold secrets for you! You’ll understand all the important concepts and terms, and you’ll be able to use this knowledge to improve your chances of getting those coveted rich results.

How can you get access?

As you may know, you now get access to all Premium courses by purchasing a Yoast SEO Premium subscription (for only $89 a year!). This subscription will give you access to the Yoast SEO Premium plugin and all our SEO courses.

So, to get access to the Understanding structured data course, all you need to have is a Yoast SEO Premium subscription. We’ll release the new course next week. Then, you’ll automatically be able to access it from your Yoast SEO academy courses overview! Of course, we’ll let you know when the course is live.

Don’t have Yoast SEO Premium yet? Get it now, so you’ll have access to the Understanding structured data course too!

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Read more: It’s here: the Understanding structured data course »

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11 Responses to Coming soon: Understanding structured data course!

  1. Lex van Buuren
    Lex van Buuren  • 9 months ago

    Thank you for your ongoing efforts to improve SEO best practices. :)

    I definitely will dive into this topic as well.

    • Camille Cunningham
      Camille Cunningham  • 9 months ago

      You’re welcome, Lex! Keep an eye on our site and newsletter this week, as this course will be available very soon :)

  2. Zola
    Zola  • 9 months ago

    Thanks for providing this training. I currently blog but I will need to look further into Structured data for my website.

  3. Mobasir hassan
    Mobasir hassan  • 9 months ago

    This is definitely going to be best for a recipe blogger like me. I am eagerly waiting for the course to learn more about JSON-LD.

    • Edwin Toonen
      Edwin Toonen  • 9 months ago

      Cool, we hope you’ll like it!

  4. Ayax Nivardo Sobrino Saavedra
    Ayax Nivardo Sobrino Saavedra  • 9 months ago

    Hello !

    Do you know if the new course academy (structured datta) is going to be free for the owners of the premium plugin? I purchased a license with all the plugins and a have not activated yet….

    • Edwin Toonen
      Edwin Toonen  • 9 months ago

      Hi Ayax, if you have Yoast SEO Premium you’ll automatically get access to all current and future course. All of this is included for free with your subscription.

  5. Marcelo
    Marcelo  • 9 months ago

    Hello, for the home page which schema is recommended to use apart from local business? Thank you.

    • Edwin Toonen
      Edwin Toonen  • 9 months ago

      Hi Marcelo, Yoast SEO automatically adds structured data for your business once you select that option from Search Appearance > General > Knowledge graph & Schema. If you want more local business options, the Local SEO add-on has a lot of that on board. You can finetune your listing with that.

  6. Carl
    Carl  • 9 months ago

    Definitely structured data, helps a lot to increase CTR. I think in terms of SEO, it doesn’t change much, but in terms of CTR, majority of exposures will convert into clicks.

    • Edwin Toonen
      Edwin Toonen  • 9 months ago

      Hey Carl! Yes, getting rich results might make your CTR go up. In terms of SEO, you are right. Having great structured data on board isn’t going to boost your rankings a lot, but it does help search engines make sense of your site. So, it’s very important to add structured data.