New Basic SEO training

Basic SEO / SEO for beginners:
What's the difference?

Basic SEO training / SEO for beginners: What’s the difference?

Yesterday, Yoast Academy released a new and improved Basic SEO course. But wait, didn’t Yoast release a free SEO for beginners course just a couple of months ago? Yes, we did. So what’s the difference? Doesn’t the SEO for beginners training also cover the basics? Why should you pay for access to the Basic SEO course if you can get all the good stuff for free? Great questions. I’ll tell you exactly what sets the two courses apart and why Basic SEO perfectly complements SEO for beginners. 

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What is the key difference between the courses?

Essentially, the SEO for beginners training answers the “what is…” question, and the Basic SEO training answers the “how do I…” question. The free course is theoretical, the Basic SEO course is very practical.

In the SEO for beginners course, for instance, you learn what keywords and keyword research are. In the Basic SEO course, we give you a step-by-step plan for a good keyword research strategy. We also provide a screencast in which we show you exactly how to set up a keyword research sheet.

After completing the SEO for beginners training, you’ll have a clear idea of what every aspect of SEO is and what factors you should take into account. You’ll be able to make some minor changes which will positively affect your rankings. After completing the Basic SEO training, you’ll be able to immediately make a lot of changes to your website and set up a proper SEO strategy. It really is the best way to make sure your SEO efforts are effective!

Are there any other differences between the courses?

Basic SEO contains two more modules and several more lessons. We go into off-page SEO, site speed, conversion and more. SEO for beginners doesn’t cover these topics. In the table below, you can find a breakdown of the differences between the two courses.

Differences Basic SEO course versus free SEO for beginners course

For more information on the exact contents of the Basic SEO course, visit the product information page. There is no difference in the quality of the courses (besides the fact that we’re trying to do better each time we develop a new training, of course). We value our free products as highly as our paid products.

Does the Basic SEO course offer enough exclusive material to justify the cost?

There are 20 new videos, exclusive to the Basic SEO course, as well as fresh reading materials and quizzes. That’s more than most of our other courses have! So you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Of course, much of the SEO beginners training is great information to work up towards the practical tips in the Basic SEO training. Actually, we’ve added all the relevant materials you find in the SEO for beginners course to the Basic SEO course as well, so you can also take the Basic SEO course if you’re just a beginner.

But isn’t it annoying to have to take those lessons again? Don’t worry, we’ve solved this problem. If you’ve already finished the SEO for beginners course, the lessons you’ve already taken will automatically be completed in your Basic SEO course, as well. You don’t have to take these lessons again.


The Basic SEO course is essential for everyone who wants to get started on optimizing every aspect of their SEO. After taking this training, you’ll have an entirely new set of tools to start optimizing your rankings immediately. It perfectly complements the SEO for beginners training, too. If you’ve already taken the SEO for beginners course, that’s not a problem at all. It’s an advantage!

Get the New Basic SEO training Now$199 (ex VAT) for course, certificate and badge

19 Responses to Basic SEO training / SEO for beginners: What’s the difference?

  1. Firas Kodmany
    Firas Kodmany  • 2 weeks ago

    I think The Basic SEO course is essential for beginner who wants to get start with blog.

  2. Bruce
    Bruce  • 2 weeks ago

    I think Yoast is doing the right thing here. First you put out a Free SEO guide, then you put out a more in depth paid SEO guide. Then you take the step of explaining why you did it. This is smart, open, and transparent.
    Plus, if folks take action on the free guide, then they’ll be ready and wanting the paid version, knowing the value of the Yoast training. I wish I’d found something like this when I first started SEO instead of years just trying to figure out what worked.

  3. Palash Mukhopadhyay
    Palash Mukhopadhyay  • 3 weeks ago

    Really very interesting your blog article…Good Work.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Eve Jones
    Eve Jones  • 3 weeks ago

    Nothing worth spending comes for free I guess. Thanks for explaining the difference between the both and helping us choose the right one.

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      You’re welcome, Eve!

  5. sk8tech
    sk8tech  • 3 weeks ago

    That’s why we love Yoast. Not only do you guys develop great plugins, you also follow up with all the training courses, making SEO much more approchable.

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it :)

  6. Robert
    Robert  • 3 weeks ago

    I have linked to your free SEO beginners guide, it’s a great guide to send to people who want to learn more about SEO. I personally don’t need the paid course myself but you guys do make great content!

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Thanks Robert, we really appreciate it when people are willing to share our content to help others!

  7. Valdeir Mendonca
    Valdeir Mendonca  • 3 weeks ago

    Basic SEO always!

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Agreed, Valdeir!

  8. Mritunjay Yadav
    Mritunjay Yadav  • 4 weeks ago

    I am looking forward to get the new course

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Good to hear, hope you enjoy it, Mritunjay!

  9. Agen Super10 Online
    Agen Super10 Online  • 4 weeks ago

    nice sharing , i’d like to have the SEO training soon , thanks for sharing .

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Hope you enjoy it!

  10. Maquina de Vendas
    Maquina de Vendas  • 4 weeks ago

    There is a
    of the Course in Portuguese?

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Hi! Unfortunately, our courses are only available in English. We try to use easy words and sentences where possible, though, to make sure people around the world can understand the training :)

  11. Ahmed
    Ahmed  • 4 weeks ago

    Can I switch from the beginner’s course to basic SEO?
    Please help me.

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Hi Ahmed, of course you can! Simply click the “Get the New Basic SEO training Now” button in the article, complete the order, and the course will be yours. There’s no problem if you don’t finish the SEO for beginners course. Have fun!