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Basic SEO training: clear call-to-action

Basic SEO training: clear call-to-action

Our Basic SEO training teaches you how to optimize a website in a holistic way. Holistic means that we won’t focus on one aspect, we consider all important aspects that can make your site awesome and rank well! That’s why we included a module on usability and conversion in the Basic SEO training. One topic we discuss is the call-to-action.

A clear call-to-action on a page makes your site more user-friendly and can boost a page’s conversion at the same time. If you want to create a clear call-to-action you have to think about what you’d want the visitor to do on a specific page of your website. The next step is to make this option the most obvious choice on that page.

What does a clear call-to-action look like? In this Basic SEO training video Michiel shows some examples of clear call-to-actions. Check them out!

Can’t watch the video?

Here’s a transcript of the video:

These are a couple of examples of good call-to-actions we found. One is Evernote. There’s a clear box that draws your attention and you want to click on that button immediately. The other one, what do I have to say about that. It’s a green website and has a blue call-to-action, it’s immediately clear. You have to make the call-to-action as big as possible, you have to make it stand out and people will immediately know what to do on that page.

Longing for more awesome training videos? And challenging questions and comprehensive background material? Last month we released our first online training, called Basic SEO. Be sure to check it out!

3 Responses to Basic SEO training: clear call-to-action

  1. Matt
    By Matt on 27 November, 2015

    Great post and great video. A well defined call-to-action will work wonders in CRO.

  2. conversion de ventas - CRO
    By conversion de ventas - CRO on 21 November, 2015

    Call to action are one of best factors to CRO (Conversion rate opt.)

  3. Ricardo Cisneiro Prates
    By Ricardo Cisneiro Prates on 18 November, 2015

    Hi there!

    Your link in the end of the video is linking to a page like ?p=??????&preview=true

    Then it redirects to

    Is that correct???

    Thanks for the support!

    Office Cyber

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