Arts and crafts

Yoast offers you some true old fashioned non digital arts and crafts stuff. So dust off your printer and get your scissors and your pencils out of your desk drawer.

You can either cut and fold your own Yoast, decide what Marieke will wear or color the coloring pages below. Don’t forget to share the result on social media with #yoastcolors!

What should Marieke wear?

Click on the image to open the PDF!

Create your own Joost!

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fold your own yoast - paper yoast

Yoast coloring pages

Click on the image to open the PDF!

coloring_seal_yoast_thmb coloring_pirate_yoast_thmb coloring_flyers_yoast_thmb coloring_dog_yoast_thmb coloring_copywriting_yoast_thmbcoloring_buton_yoast_thmbcoloring_baby_yoast_thmb