Yoast SEO for WordPress training

Yoast SEO for WordPress training
  • 3-day training to gain perfect insight in all Yoast SEO features
  • Easy to follow video instructions and challenging quizzes
  • Become a certified Yoast SEO for WordPress expert and earn a badge for your site
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Important! We’ve just released a brand new version of Yoast SEO, causing part of the content of this course to be obsolete. This means that the current course doesn’t yet reflect the structural and functional changes that are part of Yoast SEO 7.0. We’re working on an improved and updated training which is due for release around the beginning of April.

Because we think everyone should have the chance to become a Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin expert, the new course will be available for only $39, effective today. If you buy this course now, you’ll not only get immediate access to our current training, we’ll also automatically enroll you in the new course when it’s available, at no extra charge.

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So you want to become a real Yoast SEO expert? The Yoast SEO for WordPress training is perfect for you! It provides you with detailed instructions on all features of our Yoast SEO plugin. You will get the most out of the plugin and learn more about SEO. It’s a must-do for everyone setting up the Yoast SEO plugin for clients. Even if you use Yoast SEO just for your WordPress site, it’s extremely helpful!

What will you receive?

  • Access to the 11 modules of the Yoast SEO for WordPress training
  • A Yoast SEO for WordPress expert badge and certificate
  • Access to the training video’s of the Yoast SEO plugin

Would you like to buy a specific training for multiple people in your team? Feel free to send an email sales@yoast.com with your request and our sales team will get back to you!

Get This Course Now$39 for course, certificate and badge

Learn how to use the Yoast SEO plugin now!

What do you learn?

The training consists of 11 modules, covering all Yoast SEO for WordPress features:

1. Hidden features
In this module, we’ll teach you what Yoast SEO does, without you having to do anything! You’ll learn why Yoast SEO inserts canonical elements, and rel=prev/rel=next elements. You’ll also get to know why we apply “nofollow” tags for login and registration links, and “noindex” tags on search results pages.

2. General settings
In this module, we’ll guide you through the General settings of Yoast SEO for WordPress. You will learn how to send along corporate/personal metadata; verify your site with all the necessary webmaster tools; reduce the risk of authors/editors playing with advanced settings and check your homepage for indexability. It also covers the most recent changes in Yoast SEO.

3. Titles and metas
This module will teach you how to optimize your titles; meta descriptions; taxonomies; archives and your special pages.

4. Social
Yoast SEO for WordPress helps you with optimizing for your social networks! In this module you’ll learn how to align your website with all the major social networks: you’ll get to know how to add open graph data and add twitter card data to the <head> of your pages.

5. XML sitemaps
In this module, you’ll learn about the most important aspects of our XML sitemaps. You’ll find out how set the amount of entries per sitemap, gain control over user sitemaps (per post type); exclude certain posts/pages from your sitemap and how to create sitemaps per taxonomy.

6. Advanced
Yoast SEO for WordPress has some nice features for more advanced users. In this module we’ll teach you how to implement and control breadcrumbs on your site; change the URL’s on your site; clean up your permalinks and optimize your RSS feed.

7. Tools
The tools section of Yoast SEO provides you with some easy to use tools to optimize and monitor your site’s SEO. It allows you to bulk edit your posts and pages; edit important files from your site’s back end; import and export important SEO data and recalculate your SEO scores. Learn how to use these tools in this module!

8. Search Console and redirect
In this module you’ll get instructions on how to verify Yoast SEO with Google search console; find crawl issues on your site (and apply redirects to solve them). It will also help you interpret and apply regular redirects and REGEX redirects on your site and decide on a web server or PHP redirect method.

9. SEO Meta Box
Learn how to use the Yoast SEO Meta Box to it’s full extend! After this module, you’ll know how to choose a focus keyword; how to use our content analysis tool; how to use Open Graph for optimized sharing of content on Facebook and Twitter Cards for Twitter. You’ll also know how to control search engines using (advanced) meta robots and how to prevent duplicate content using canonicals.

10. Yoast SEO Extensions: News SEO & Local SEO – NEW
A brand-new addition to this course. Learn how to use two of the most popular Yoast SEO extensions: News SEO and Local SEO. In this module, you’ll find out what these plugins can do for your site and how to implement them correctly. You’ll learn how to get your site in Google News and how to build an awesome local SEO profile.

11. Yoast updates
In this module, Joost talks you through the latest changes in SEO, WordPress and our plugins. We’ll update you every 3 to 4 months. This way, your knowledge will always be up to date!

Get This Course Now$39 for course, certificate and badge

Time investment

On average participants spend 16 to 20 hours on the Yoast SEO for WordPress training. Depending on your current knowledge of our Yoast SEO plugin this might vary a bit.

Learning methods

Our courses consist of a well-structured mix of explanation and instruction videos and quizzes to test your knowledge. We’ll guide you step by step through all material and provide formative feedback on your answers in the quizzes, so you’ll understand why and how to use Yoast SEO for WordPress for your site.

Read more about our learning methods.

Show you’re a Yoast SEO expert!

After successful completion of the course, you’ll get a certificate with your name, gravatar, and date of completion. On top of that, you’ll get a badge, like the one on the right, to show on your site. When people click on the badge, it will link to your certificate! This way you can show to your clients that you’re a certified Yoast SEO for WordPress expert!

Get This Course Now$39 for course, certificate and badge

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