SEO copywriting training

SEO copywriting training
  • 1-day training to learn how to write awesome copy that ranks
  • Customized Yoast feedback on two assignments on a topic of your choice
  • Covering all main steps of SEO copywriting: from keyword research to publishing
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If you want to rank, you should write great content for your website. Fortunately, copywriting is a skill you can learn! In this SEO copywriting training, we’ll help you develop your copywriting skills. You’ll learn how to write copy that readers will love, and how to tweak it for search engines. Besides that, in this SEO writing course, we’ll teach you how to do keyword research to find out what to write about. Moreover, you’ll learn how to prepare, structure and optimize your text. As a result, it will be a lot easier for you to write great content that ranks!

Improve your content for SEO now!

What will you receive?

Would you like to buy a specific training for multiple people in your team? Feel free to send an email with your request and our sales team will get back to you!

Two assignments with feedback

SEO copywriting is something you’ll learn by doing. Because of this, we decided to add three assignments to our SEO copywriting course: one on keyword research, one on text structure and one on copywriting. Our Yoast team members will check and evaluate the assignments on keyword research and on copywriting. This means you’ll get personal feedback on your research and writing.

This is of great value because:

  • you’ll learn how to put the theory to practice;
  • you can choose your own topic for writing and keyword research;
  • you’ll receive customized feedback that applies to your specific situation;
  • you can use your new skills directly to improve your own website!

You can send us the two assignments only once. In order to send in your assignments, you need a Google account. Yoast provides suggestions for improvement, that you should implement yourself. We’ll provide feedback on your assignments within 10 working days. We’ll only provide feedback for assignments written in English or in Dutch.

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SEO copywriting training content

The training consists of 6 modules, covering the main steps to create awesome copy that ranks.

1. Introduction to SEO copywriting
In this module, you’ll learn why the copy of your website is of great importance for SEO. We see it as a part of holistic SEO, which you could summarize as creating an awesome website, in all aspects, for your user.

2. Keyword research
What to write about? Keyword research will help you determine what you’d like to rank for and therefore what to write about! In this module, you’ll learn how to execute keyword research yourself.

3. Setting up an article
In this module, you’ll learn how to prepare a post well. We’ll help you structure your ideas and turn them into a logical piece of writing. This preparation phase of copywriting makes the actual writing a lot easier!

4. Readability and style
There are different methods to increase the readability of your text. You can use signal words, create shorter sentences, use a larger font size etc. In this module, we’ll dive a bit deeper into this. Besides that, we’ll guide you on how to find and create a style that suits both you and your audience.

5. Correcting and using Yoast SEO
A very important step in SEO copywriting is correcting your text. We’ll provide you with some tricks and tips on how to find and improve mistakes or misspellings you might have made while writing. After this, it’s time to optimize your text for search engines. We’ll explain you the principles and you’ll see why our Yoast SEO plugin makes this super easy!

6. Publishing
Last but not least, you’ll have to publish your content. What are the dos and donts for that? Which channels should you use? And is there a way to use your content multiple times?

7. Yoast updates
In this module, Joost talks you through the latest changes in SEO, WordPress and our plugins. We’ll update you every 3 to 4 months. This way, your knowledge will always be up to date!

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Learning methods

This SEO copywriting training exists of a well-structured mix of explanation and instruction videos and quizzes to test your knowledge. On top of that, we’ll provide two practical assignments with feedback from a Yoast team member. This way we’ll make sure you improve your SEO copywriting skills!
Read more about our learning methods.

Time needed for this SEO writing course

On average participants spend 6 to 8 hours on this SEO writing course.

Get an SEO copywriting training certificate!

seo copywriting trainingAfter you’ve completed the course successfully, you’ll receive a certificate with your name, gravatar and date of completion. On top of that, you’ll get an SEO copywriting certification badge, like the one on the right, to show on your site. When clicked it will link to your certificate! This way you can show everybody that you’ve completed our SEO copywriting training!

Get This Course Now$199 for course, certificate and badge

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