Keyword research training

Keyword research training
  • 1-day training to learn how to perform solid keyword research for your own website
  • Get personal feedback on your own keyword research assignment
  • Easy and fun learning methods, including videos and quizzes
Temporarily sold out

We always aim to provide our Yoast Academy-students with the best materials we can offer them. To make our Keyword research training even better, we’ve decided to take it off the site for a while. Check back later for our new and improved Keyword research training!

If you’re desperate to learn about keyword research, consider our SEO Copywriting training. This training still has a module about keyword research.

Keyword research is the foundation of every SEO strategy. Your site content is the main asset to drive traffic to your website. That content has to be based on the keywords you want to be found for. So you have to know what words your target audience are searching for, and create appealing copy around those keywords. Executing keyword research can be hard though: How do you know what keywords your audience uses? How do you extend a list of basic keywords? Which keywords should you start with?

Luckily we offer a Keyword research training now, that will guide you through this process. So buckle up and get started with your own keyword research!

Please note that a substantial part of this keyword research training is available through our SEO copywriting training as well. We decided to offer a training on keyword research separately, because we consider it to be an essential part of SEO that deserves it’s own in-depth training. Moreover we’d like to offer a course for people that already have good writing skills.

What will you receive:

  • Access to the 3 modules of the Keyword research training
  • A keyword research assignment that we’ll check for you
  • Clear instruction videos and quizzes
  • A Keyword research badge and certificate
  • Our SEO for WordPress eBook

Would you like to buy a specific training for multiple people in your team? Feel free to send an email with your request and our sales team will get back to you!

What will you learn?

After this course you’ll know where to start with your own keyword research, which tools you can use, how to prioritize your activities and what common mistakes you should avoid. In three modules you’ll learn how to set up a keyword strategy for your site:

1. Introduction to keyword research
In this module we’ll define and explain the concept of keyword research. You’ll get to know the components of which keyword research exists. Moreover we’ll explain why having a keyword strategy is so important.

2. Executing keyword research
In this module you’ll find out how to formulate a mission for your business, as this is crucial for your keyword research strategy. You’ll learn how to extract useful keywords from your mission, and we’ll explain which tools could assist you in this. Subsequently you’ll get instructions on how to create awesome landing pages around those keywords. Moreover you’ll learn about long tail keywords and cornerstone content and how these principles can help your site to rank well. This module includes an assignment.

3. Beyond keyword research
In this module we’ll help you generate ideas for content creation around keywords you decided you want to rank for. It can be quite a struggle to come up with new ideas on similar topics time and time again. We’ll give you tips to keep your writing inspiration high! Besides that you’ll learn how to benefit from writing posts that rank for multiple focus keywords.

4. Yoast updates
In this module Joost talks you through the latest changes in SEO, WordPress and our plugins. We’ll update you every 3 to 4 months. This way, your knowledge will always be up to date!


To complete Module 2 you’ll have to execute keyword research yourself. Since you can choose your own topic, this will allow you to get feedback on something you’re actually working on! Take this opportunity and send in your own keyword research. You’ll get personal feedback on your assignment within 3 days!

Time investment

On average participants spend 4 to 6 hours on the Keyword research training.

Learning methods

This course exists of explanatory videos, quizzes to test your knowledge and background reading. The keyword research assignment will allow you to test your skills on a real life topic of choice. This mixture of learning material provides you with all the necessary skills and tools to kickstart your own keyword research. Read more about our learning methods.

Earn a certificate and a badge

Want to show off your keyword research skills? Let visitors of your site know that you’ve completed Yoast’s Keyword research training!


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