Free SEO course: SEO for beginners

  • Get quick wins to make your site rank higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • Have a solid basic understanding of search engine optimization and how search engines work
  • Plus: get tips to let the Yoast SEO plugin do the essential technical work for you

What topics are covered in this free SEO course for Beginners?

  1. Introduction to SEO
    This chapter lays the foundation for everything you’ll ever do in SEO. You’ll find out how search engines work, how they see your website and how the Yoast SEO plugin can help you rank higher.
  2. The content side of SEO
    1. What people type into Google to find your website (Keywords)
      We cover the basics of keywords. You’ll find out what they are, why you should use them, and how the Yoast SEO plugin helps you optimize your texts for your keywords.
    2. What kind of texts rank high in Google (SEO copywriting)
      To be liked by Google, your texts need to be original, readable and findable. We’ll look into these concepts and give you actionable tips.
    3. How Google finds its way on your website (Site structure)
      We’ll show you examples of great site structure and how the plugin helps you build an intuitive structure for your own site.
  3. The technical side of SEO
    1. How you might be blocking Google from your website (Crawlability)
      Without even knowing it, you might be blocking Google from entering or indexing your site. We’ll show you how to check that, and then roll out the red carpet for search engines.
    2. One way to stand out in the search results (Rich results)
      Sometimes, Google shows more than just a regular search result. When you get to see ratings, images, location, videos … they’re called ‘rich results’. We’ll give a brief introduction into what they are and how to get them for your site.

What is included in this free SEO course?

You get unlimited access to all of this course content, for free:

  • 2 hours of instructional videos, sliced into 20 bite-sized clips
  • Quizzes to train what you’ve learned
  • PDF files so you can easily check the tips again while working on your website
  • Incl. your cheat sheet with SEO vocabulary

Who teaches this course?

All content for this course is created by the SEO experts at Yoast:

  • They’re the creators of the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress worldwide
  • Companies such as Facebook, eBay, and The Guardian rely on them for their SEO strategies
  • You’ll also get a few videos by Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast and a renowned authority in SEO, who shares his knowledge on international conferences all year round.

How much time do I need for this free SEO course?

You can watch all videos in under 2 hours.

Are you new to SEO and willing to dig in deep? Then you’ll be a budding SEO expert in 12 to 16 hours.

Are you acquainted with some SEO principles? Then obviously, you’ll complete the course faster.

You set your own pace for this course. You have unlimited access: take as much time as you like.

This free SEO course is for you if …

  • You want to rank higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • You want to join the conversation on SEO with your colleagues or boss(es)
  • You want to get to grips with the first principles of search engine optimization
  • You own or maintain a website – doesn’t have to be on WordPress
  • You use the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin, or you don’t (but we recommend you do get the Premium or free plugin)

Show off your SEO skills with a certificate and badge

Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll get a certificate and a badge you can display on your website.

The badge only appears when you’ve actually completed the course, so not just anyone can use it.

Add the certificate to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or use it to get that raise you deserve.

Good to know: are you familiar with the first principles of SEO and are you ready to get your hands dirty? Then the follow-up course ‘Basic SEO’ is what you need:

  • More in-depth SEO course to show you not just what SEO is, but how to ace it
  • Includes all 20 videos of this free course, plus 18 extra videos
  • You’re able to do your own keyword research, so you end up with a list of relevant keywords for your website
  • You know how to set up your own site structure and how your keywords fit into that
  • Bonus: the success e-Books Content SEO and SEO for WordPress (value: $44)