All-in-one training bundle

  • Learn how to optimize all SEO aspects of your site with this all-in-one training bundle
  • Bundle these courses and save $245!
  • Earn 6 official Yoast certificates
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Course update! Because of the ever-changing SEO landscape we add an update on SEO, WordPress and Yoast to our courses every quarter. Check out the July 2017 update by Joost in your course!

With this package you’ll be fully equipped to make your site rank well! It contains 6 courses to enhance your SEO knowledge and skills. You’ll learn the core principles of SEO, we’ll teach you how to write well for search engines and your audience, you’ll know how to use Yoast SEO to its full extent and we’ll help you to get a perfect site structure to rank higher in Google. On top of that you’ll learn all about making your site crawlable for GoogleAnd last but not least, you’ll learn how to add structured data to your site.

Please note that a substantial part of this keyword research training is available through our SEO copywriting training. Therefore the Keyword research training is not part of the All-in-one training bundle.

Basic SEO trainingBasic SEO training by Yoast

In this course you’ll learn how Google and other search engines work. It touches on all the basic principles of how to optimize your site: technical SEO, keyword research, site structure and even some usability. With help of instruction videos, quizzes and background material to read we’ll help you understand SEO!

SEO copywriting training

SEO copywriting training - YoastContent is king! It’s the main thing that drives traffic to your site. In this course you’ll learn how to generate high quality content for your website. After this course you’ll know how to prepare for writing, what to write about, how to structure your text and how to keep the attention of your audience. Moreover you’ll be able to tweak it for search engines!

Yoast SEO for WordPress training

Yoast_SEO_training_500If you have a WordPress site, our Yoast SEO plugin is a requisite to improve the SEO of your site. Yoast SEO provides many functionalities to improve the ranking of your web pages. So many, that we’ve created a course to help you understand and configure the plugin yourself. After this course you’ll know how to set it up for your own site and other’s!

Site structure training

site_structure_training_500x612-1Structuring your site is a crucial element of SEO. Whether you have a website, blog or shop; if you want it to rank, you need an excellent site structure. With a solid site structure, you make it easier for search engines and visitors to discover your most important content. In this course you’ll learn how to fix your structure to make your site rank better in Google.

Technical SEO 1 training

Technical SEO 1 iconYour website needs to have strong technical foundation to be able to rank. One of the most important technical requirements is the crawlability of your site. Google needs to be able to crawl your site well, to add it to the search results. In this training, you’ll learn what could block crawlers from spidering your website, and how you can prevent and solve these issues.

Structured data training

Structured data course icon

Do your want your search result to stand out from the competition’s? Then you need rich snippets! These snippets contain extra information about your product or service, so people will click on them sooner. Google can show these if you add structured data to your site! In this training, you’ll learn how to implement structured data.


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