About Kai van Grunsven

In the summer of 2017, I graduated with a master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering, a study that primarily focused on the development of tangible 3D products. However, during this study, I discovered that I became even more enthusiastic about designing 2D products (software for computer or smartphone screens). As a consequence, I sought and found a master’s internship at a mobile application development firm. During this internship, I became very excited about user experience (UX) design in the field of software development and convinced about what I wanted to do after graduating: to find a first “real” job as UX Designer at a software company.

Since December 2017, I work at Yoast as a UX Designer. My primary task is to identify requirements and wishes of stakeholders and translate them into beautiful and user-friendly user experiences/interfaces that fit the Yoast brand.

Besides working at Yoast, I have a great passion for playing, singing, writing, watching & listening to music, as well as playing, watching & ehm… listening(?) to soccer. I live in downtown Nijmegen together with my girlfriend Simone and my guitars.

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