WordCamp San José 2018

July 21 - 22, 2018
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We are really happy to be able to announce that you can already buy your ticket to enjoy an event organized by the local WordPress community, which will gather more than 500 attendees! WordPress is the engine of 30% of all sites in the world, providing scalable solutions ranging from a simple blog to an online store, a native app or a newspaper visited by millions of users. WordPress and its REST API are extremely versatile, so in a WordCamp you can learn about technologies, methodologies and ecosystems that are integrated with WordPress. Topics such as plugins, WP updates, Web Hosting, Security, UX UI design, theme design, marketing, SEO, project management, education, development in languages such as PHP, JS, Angular, React, React Native, Mobile will be the theme of this event.

WordCamp San José 2018
San José, Costa Rica