About Erwin Brouwer

Yoast_avatar_ErwinErwin Brouwer has been a freelance illustrator since 2002. He started working for Yoast.com when Joost asked him to update his world-famous avatar (the one with the windmill). The end result was well received and this convinced Joost that the world was finally ready to see his true personalities. With the help of Erwin’s illustration-art many cool images of Joost followed. Because of this Joost keeps on being one of the most recognized, literally, SEO-experts in the world today.

As of 2012 Erwin also provides every new employee at Yoast with their own avatar and more. As of december 2012 he was added to that of employees list himself. He now works on ever more assignments, together with his wife Mijke.

Besides being the illustrator at Yoast, he is still a freelance illustrator and all-time geek whose interests range from Star Wars to dinosaurs, and back. He currently lives with Mijke, their 2 children and his huge comic collection in Rosmalen.