The Standout tag

The News SEO plugin gives you the option to add a standout tag to content. This tag is meant to highlight your original reporting, so to highlight news that you, as a news organisation, have created yourself. By marking something as standout it might appear as “featured” in the news results:

Example of a Google News featured article
Example of a Google News featured article, image taken from this post about the standout tag by Adam Sherk.

Google introduced the standout tag in September 2011, you can find the documentation for it here.

What is the counter next to the standout tag checkbox?

As per the documentation, you can only use the standout tag for your own content 7 times a week. The plugin shows you how many times you’ve used it this week so you can keep track. While we won’t prevent you from adding it more than 7 times, this is absolutely not a smart thing to do.

Want to use the News SEO plugin?

If you want to use the News SEO plugin to add the standout tag to your content and to do other Google News optimization like create an XML News Sitemap, you can buy it here.