meta news_keywords for Google News

In september 2012, Google shocked SEO’s worldwide by bringing back the meta keywords tag. Meta keywords had been rendered useless for SEO purposes years ago, but Google brought back the meta keywords tag in a slightly different form: as meta news_keywords, which you can use to highlight the words most relevant to your article. This is by no means ranking magic, it won’t suddenly make you compete with the Guardian or the New York Times, but as with all things SEO: all the little things add up.

As stated in the official documentation, it doesn’t matter in which order you put the news keywords and you can have only 10 keywords or phrases.

meta news_keywords for Google News only!

Please note that this meta news_keywords tag is truly only for Google News, and thus not interesting if you’re not listed in Google News. Annoyingly the meta news_keywords are not the same as the keywords in the XML news sitemap, for which you can find the official documentation here.

The News SEO plugin allows you to enter news kewyords and will warn you when you’ve added more than ten, so you don’t overdo it. Get it here!