Free SEO for beginners training

Free course 'SEO for beginners'
Available now!

Free SEO for beginners course now available!

Would you like to learn more about SEO? Do you want to learn from world-renowned experts? But can’t justify spending a lot of money on a training just yet? At Yoast, we understand that. And we want to help. That’s why today, we are releasing our first free course: SEO for beginners!  

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Free SEO course: SEO for beginners Info

What will I learn?

In the Yoast SEO for beginners training, we will teach you what SEO is, what Google does, and how to rank in the search results. Do you know, for example, how Google reads your content and ranks it? Well, after this training you will! We’ll also tell you how to write your copy in such a way that Google knows exactly what you’re talking about. Moreover, we’ll tell you how you can make sure that Google can actually put your pages into the search results. And much more!

Could I benefit from this training?

The SEO for beginners course is valuable for everyone who is not already an SEO expert. Whether you are looking to start a career in SEO or are a small business owner with a website. Maybe you just want to join the discussion with your colleagues. It doesn’t matter. SEO is all about gaining an edge over your competition. You can now take the first step for free!

Do I have to use WordPress or the Yoast SEO plugin?

No, you don’t. The training is valuable for anyone, regardless of whether you use WordPress or the Yoast SEO plugin. Some lessons discuss how the plugin can help you with your SEO. Still, the majority of the information applies to anyone and any situation.

Why is the training free?

We want SEO to be for everyone. That is our company mission. Sure, we need to make some money and we have a collection of great products which helps us do that. But not everyone is able to afford them or justify the investment. We want to be there for you as well. There are more reasons, which Marieke has written an entire article about!

How can I get this course?

Getting a Yoast training has never been easier. If you already have a MyYoast account, the course is already available to you here. If you don’t have a MyYoast account yet, you can just create one here. You will receive an email with a link to the course. Enjoy!


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11 Responses to Free SEO for beginners course now available!

  1. Heenay
    Heenay  • 2 months ago

    I’m an avid Yoast user and had to teach myself how to use it from articles and videos, so I’m grateful to you folks for releasing this free official course. Thank you!

    Btw, will participants be given a certificate at the end to prove they’ve passed your course?

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 2 months ago

      Yes, when you’ve finished the course you will receive a certificate and a badge, plus a little something else ;-)! Glad to hear that you’re happy with it. Good luck with the course Heenay!

      • Heenay
        Heenay  • 2 months ago

        Thanks Iris!

  2. Jack
    Jack  • 2 months ago

    Once again thank you so much for starting free SEO course.

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      You’re welcome, Jack!

  3. Joe @AppsAraby
    Joe @AppsAraby  • 2 months ago

    That is really a great opportunity to learn about SEO from the best :)

    but I wonder?! will this course help with sites SEO in other languages than English or not

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Hi Joe! Most of the principles we discuss in the course are applicable to any language. Sometimes, we address differences between optimizing for English and less common languages. We also have a multilingual course which discusses keyword research and copywriting in non-native languages, as well as how to set up a site in several languages.

  4. Erwan - SEO Consultant
    Erwan - SEO Consultant  • 2 months ago

    Hi Iris,
    Thank you, Yoast is quite easy to use for both technical and non technical person. We had our website redesigned and Yoast plugin helped us with redirect. A big + for SEO – designed to save time

    • Iris Guelen
      Iris Guelen  • 2 months ago

      Thank you Erwan we love to hear that!

  5. Jithendar
    Jithendar  • 2 months ago

    Thanks for this course. I really enjoy yoast seo updates and everything.. thanks to the team behind this.

    • Jesse van de Hulsbeek

      Thanks for the kind words, Jithendar, we really appreciate it. Good to hear that you like what we do!