Basic SEO training

  • Online training to master the practical SEO skills our free course describes in theory
  • Get hands-on tips to rank higher and get more readers or sell more online
  • Find out how to get the fundamental technical stuff right so you can avoid costly mistakes

Basic SEO training

$199 $173.13
  • Get practical tips to implement at once
  • Covers all aspects of SEO
  • Know how our plugin kickstarts your SEO
  • Get personal feedback on your plugin setup
Get the Basic SEO training Only $199 $173.13 (ex VAT)

SEO training starter pack

$249 $216.63
  • Get the Basic SEO training along with our plugin training and get feedback on your plugin configuration to boot
  • Get practical tips to implement at once
  • Covers all aspects of SEO
  • Know how our plugin kickstarts your SEO
  • Get personal feedback on your plugin setup
  • Save 17%

All-in-one bundle

$499 $486 / year
  • Get all 9 SEO courses to fully optimize your website and its contents
  • New courses are added automatically & free of charge
  • Get access to exclusive Premium content
  • Save 60% with this training bundle!

What your site will look like after you apply your new skills:

  • Your content is based on your own SEO strategy so you no longer have to pay expensive consultants
  • There are no costly mistakes because you understand fundamental technical SEO
  • Your strategy is based on your own list of relevant keywords
  • Your copy is SEO-friendly and engaging
  • Your site structure guides the user to your most important pages.
  • Your site is more secure and faster
  • Your site has more links coming in, showing Google you deserve a higher ranking
  • You’re even doing better on topics that you won’t see discussed in other SEO courses: marketing emails, social media, convincing your users to buy, accessibility, and usability

Get the Basic SEO training ▸Only $199 $173.13 (ex VAT) to master the SEO fundamentals yourself

What topics are covered in this Basic SEO training?

  1. The content side of SEO
    • How to get your own list of keywords (keyword research)
      We show you how to do your own keyword research in a screen recording. Step by step, so you’ll know exactly what to do.
      Includes template: keyword research sheet
    • Optimize your own SEO text (SEO copywriting)
      We’ll walk you through all the steps of writing an original, readable and findable blog post and help you avoid common SEO writing mistakes. And you’ll see how easy it is to optimize your texts with the Yoast SEO plugin.
    • Set up or improve your own site structure
      With your structure, you can influence which articles will rank higher than others in Google. After this course, you’ll be able to set up your own site structure, or improve the one you already have.
  2. The technical side of SEO
    • Improve your site speed
      If your site is slow, your visitors might leave before they’ve even seen what you have to offer. And Google punishes slow sites with a lower ranking. We’ll show you how to measure site speed and how to influence it.
    • Make your site more secure
      About 60 - 80% of hacks are done for SEO purposes. When sites are hacked, hackers can insert spammy links that Google punishes you for. This will make your rankings drop. And it’s not easy to climb back up. There are a few simple things you can do to avoid being hacked: we’ll show you!
  3. Look beyond your own website (off-page SEO)
    Too often, SEO is restricted to on-page SEO, but there’s a lot more out there:

    • Find out how to make other sites link to you, so Google sees you deserve a higher ranking (link building)
    • Keep your audience engaged with the right emails at the right time (email marketing)
    • Discover how social media can get you even more traffic (social media marketing)
  4. Plus: outsmart your competition by going beyond SEO
    When your site is accessible and easy to use for everyone, it will show in your numbers (bounce rate, average time on page, conversion rates …). Google likes these numbers and will reward you in your rankings.

    • Make your visitors feel at home (user experience or UX)
      User experience or UX has little to do with pretty colors. It’s about helping your visitor use your website in the most intuitive way. We’ll give you a few quick tips.
    • Open the door for everyone (accessibility)
      Everyone should be able to easily use your website, including people with a disability. And it really doesn’t take much! With a few simple adjustments, you can improve your accessibility significantly.
    • Get more customers or subscribers (conversion rate optimization)
      With good SEO, you’ll get the right traffic to your website. But optimization shouldn’t stop there. What do you want your visitors to do once they’re on your website? Buy, subscribe, click? We’ll show you how to let your visitors do exactly that.

Get the Basic SEO training ▸Only $199 $173.13 (ex VAT) to master the SEO fundamentals yourself

How does the Basic SEO training compare to the free SEO for beginners training?

The Basic SEO training is a very practical course in which you learn to actually do good SEO, whereas the free training only offers an introduction to what SEO is.

Basic SEO

SEO for beginners

What is SEO and what does Google do?  
Content SEO: What are keyword research, site structure and SEO copywriting?  
Technical SEO: what are crawlability and rich results?  
How do I set up an effective keyword research strategy?  
How do I set up the optimal site structure?  
How do I optimize my copy for SEO?  
How do I optimize my site speed and security?  
How do I set up a link building campaign?  
How do I write effective marketing newsletters?  
How can I use social media to improve my rankings?  
How do I guarantee my users have a great experience visiting my site?  
How do I convince as many people as possible to buy my product or sign up for my newsletter?  

After the SEO for beginners training, you’ll know what search engine optimization is and how it works.

After the Basic SEO training, you’ll know how to get it done yourself, thanks to the screencasts and step-by-step tutorials.

Get the Basic SEO training nowOnly $199 $173.13 (ex VAT) to master the SEO fundamentals yourself

This Basic SEO training is for you if…

  • You run or maintain a blog, an online store or another website that you’d like to get more traffic to
  • Or … you’re a developer, copywriter, marketeer or other online professional and you want to start offering SEO services to your clients
  • You want to avoid costly mistakes and prefer to do SEO right from the start
  • You use the Yoast SEO plugin or you don’t - doesn’t matter
  • You use WordPress or another CMS - doesn’t matter
  • No technical knowledge required

Get the Basic SEO training ▸Only $199 $173.13 (ex VAT) to master the SEO fundamentals yourself

2 or more people to train?

Would you like to get this course for multiple people in your team? That’s a great idea, because you get discounts when you buy in bulk (up to 50%). Just purchase the number of courses you need. You can then assign them to your team members or colleagues with one click of a button in your MyYoast account. It really is that easy!

Would you like to bulk order multiple courses at once? Pick any SEO training you like and send an email to with your request. Our sales team will get back to you.

What is included in this Basic SEO training?

  • Over 3 hours of instructional videos, sliced into 39 bite-sized clips.
  • Quizzes to train what you’ve learned
  • PDF files so you can easily check the tips again while working on your website
  • Certificate
  • Badge
  • Access for 1 whole year

Who teaches this training?

All content for this course is created by the SEO experts at Yoast:

  • They’re the creators of the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress worldwide
  • Companies such as Facebook, eBay, and The Guardian rely on them for their SEO strategies
  • Features Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast and a renowned authority in SEO, who shares his knowledge on international conferences all year round.

Show off your SEO skills with a certificate and badge

Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll get a certificate and a badge you can display on your website.

The badge only appears when you’ve actually completed the course, so not just anyone can use it.

Add the certificate to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or use it to get that raise you deserve.

Get the Basic SEO training ▸Only $199 $173.13 (ex VAT) to master the SEO fundamentals yourself

How much time do I need for this Basic SEO training?

It depends:

  • You can watch all videos in 3 hours.
  • Are you entirely new to SEO?
    Then you’ll master the SEO fundamentals in about 24 hours.
  • Have you already taken the SEO for beginners training?
    Then you’ll be done in 12 to 16 hours.

You’ll have access to all course materials for 1 whole year, so you can spread it out as you like.

The Basic SEO training contains introductory lessons from our SEO for beginners training. So it’s basically two courses in one.

Get the Basic SEO training ▸Only $199 $173.13 (ex VAT) to master the SEO fundamentals yourself

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