YoastCon 2019: Call for speakers

We are looking for more speakers to shine on our awesome stage! Are you an expert in the field of SEO, marketing, UX, copywriting or development? And do you want to speak at YoastCon? Let us know and apply to speak at YoastCon.

We are searching for speakers in our parallel-sessions. You can expect up to 250 people at your talk (dependent of the popularity of you and your subject :-)). Your talk should be approximately 30 minutes long. After that, you’ll have room for about 10 minutes of Q & A. Talks will be mostly in English, but we are considering some Dutch talks too.

Excited? Want to apply? Send an email to speakers@yoast.com before the first of September with the following information:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Category (technical SEO, content SEO, marketing, business, WordPress, UX, other)
  • Summary of your talk (approximately 300 words; What is the main thing you want to talk about, how are you planning to structure your talk?)
  • Target audience (What kind of audience do you expect would like and benefit from your talk? A general audience, a more tech oriented audience? What level of experience do they need?)
  • Experience on stage (Can you share videos, slide decks, etc? If so, please share URLs)

If we select your talk, you’ll get a free ticket to attend YoastCon and invites to all of our speaker/sponsor events. Travel and hotel expenses will be for your own account. However, if you are a part of a typically underrepresented group, you can apply for a grant from the Yoast diversity fund.