YoastCon: 5 year anniversary conference

March 05th, 2015 – 9 Comments

Update March 14 2017: We’re organizing another YoastCon this year on November 2! Learn all about this SEO conference, or get your ticket here.


This year in May Yoast will turn 5 years old. In May 2010 I founded Yoast. Now, almost 5 years later, we have 21 employees and we’re still growing!

To celebrate our anniversary and our continued growth we’re hosting a conference: YoastCon! YoastCon will be a day full of great speakers, all speaking on what Yoast stands for: website optimization. And of course, we want you to be there!

So what are the details?

Date: May 27th 2015 9:00 – 17:00 CET
Location: De Lindenberg in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Subject: Website optimization (SEO, CRO, usability, etc.)
Speakers: Chris Lema, Marcus Tandler, Karl Gilis and more friends of Yoast
Tickets: €150
Available Tickets: 150

9 Responses to YoastCon: 5 year anniversary conference

  1. Nigel Abery
    By Nigel Abery on 16 March, 2015

    Congrats on your success guys!

  2. Matthews Ohotto
    By Matthews Ohotto on 15 March, 2015

    Amazing work guys. Very proud of you :-) One day I hope the conference will come to my country Kenya. Keep it up TeamYoast.

  3. Matt
    By Matt on 14 March, 2015

    Wow, where has all the time gone? You guys do the finest work out there and I love your plugins.

    Congrats you guys!

  4. Josh Adams
    By Josh Adams on 11 March, 2015

    5 years – wow – very impressive!

    What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt over those 5 years? I mean, like, business-wise online.

    Best SEO Plugin around for WordPress, no doubt.

  5. Gijs
    By Gijs on 6 March, 2015

    Since we are from Nijmegen ourselves: Will there be an afterparty?

  6. Chris Kelsey
    By Chris Kelsey on 5 March, 2015

    Will the conference content expand upon the two most recent SEO books? Also, will more publication-specific information–vs. a high stress on product sale–be included? We love your news SEO and affiliated SEO plugins, by the way. (And I hope that you consider creating an ad server plugin. We could give you a wish list on what a publisher would love to have in its functionality!)

  7. Marc
    By Marc on 5 March, 2015

    Hi Joost,

    When does it start and end? I don’t see any times.

    Cheers, Marc

    • Thijs de Valk
      By Thijs de Valk on 5 March, 2015

      Hi Marc,

      I’ve added the times! it’s from 9 – 5, a normal working day ;)
      I’ve also linked the time, so you can see what the program will look like!

  8. Jeannette Paladino
    By Jeannette Paladino on 5 March, 2015

    Congratulations, Joost. In just five short years your plugins have become indispensable — where would we all be without WordPress SEO?! Thank you.

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