Workshops at YoastCon 2017

We like to make it practical. That’s why we’ll organize workshops where you can practice your optimization skills and get some hands-on experience with SEO! You can choose a.o. from these workshops:

You can now sign up for the workshops. There are two rounds. Each round, you can participate in one workshop or go to one of our fantastic speakers Dixon Jones or Marcus Tandler in the great hall. You can make your selection when you buy a ticket.

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YoastCon Workshops

Keyword research

Your expert: Roy Huiskes
How do you create an overview of all your search terms? How does Google know what search terms to rank for? How can you create new insights from data?

In this workshop, Roy will explain how to do keyword research and collect new search terms and search intentions. Roy will have an example ready for you in Google Drive, so you’ll be able to get going with your own keyword research right after this workshop.

Behind the scenes of Yoast SEO

Your expert: Anton Timmermans
Everyone knows the famous red, orange and green bullets from the Yoast SEO plugin. But how does it work? How do we analyze the text of your post?

In this workshop, we’ll take you behind the scenes of Yoast SEO. We’ll talk you through the overall process and the different parts of the plugin. And, we’ll teach you exactly how the analyses work.

This workshop is suitable for everyone who uses the plugin and wonders how it works technically.

Learn to SEO-proof your website

Your experts: Yoast’s SEO consultants
Within this practical SEO workshop, the Yoast SEO Consultants will tell you everything about the most important SEO facts and about the latest changes in SEO.

After the introduction, the group will be divided into several smaller groups. Our SEO Consultants will participate in the different groups and together we will review your websites. This means that you get the opportunity to get valuable feedback on your website from both our SEO Consultants as well as from the other attendees of YoastCon.

Make sure you write all of your SEO questions down! In this workshop, you’ll be able to ask everything you want to know!

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Yoast SEO in TYPO3

Your expert: Maxserv
Are you ready to boost your TYPO3 platform with the power of Yoast SEO? Get hands-on tips and tricks to work with Yoast SEO in a TYPO3 environment.

Please come well prepared and have the module installed on your CMS 7 or CMS 8 for instance. We will take it from there! SEO done right in TYPO3 CMS!

Google Tag Manager

Your expert: Annelieke van den Berg
In this workshop, Annelieke will show you how to use Google Tag Manager to enrich your Google Analytics. We’ll mainly focus on creating different types of Google Analytics events. And she’ll give you a sneak peek on how we use Google Tag Manager for SEO purposes.

Google Analytics is an immense data tool where you’ll easily get lost. You’ll have to work with segments, goals and events to make your data more valuable because aggregated data s*cks. Segmentation and creating goals are both things that can be done without implementing any pieces of code (or tags). However, if you want to create events, pieces of code must be added to your website. With the introduction of Google Tag Manager, marketeers do no longer need a developer to do this. Adding code/tags to your site became much easier because Google Tag Manager does most of the work for you.

Advanced settings in Yoast SEO

Your expert: Taco Verdonschot
Out of the box, Yoast SEO Premium strongly improves the SEO of your website. At Yoast, we make sure that the default settings are good enough for nearly all websites. That’s why we’ve hidden the advanced features. There’s no need to make any changes.

But, Yoast SEO Premium is ready to help your website go beyond default. In this workshop, we’ll go through some of the advanced settings and help you determine how to set them for your website.

Bring your laptop and admin login details of your website, install the plugin and get ready to take your website with Yoast SEO Premium to the next level!

Yoast SEO in Magento

Your experts: Maxserv – Yoast
Proper content and E-commerce are getting more and more important. Be sure to get SEO done right with Yoast SEO for Magento 2!

Get hands-on tips and tricks to work with Yoast SEO in your new Magento 2 environment. Be sure to install this module in Magento 2. We will take it from there! SEO done right in Magento 2!

SEO copywriting

Your expert: Marieke van de Rakt
How do you write an SEO-friendly text? How do you make sure your text is readable, SEO-friendly AND does it convince people to buy your stuff or to come back to your website?

In this workshop, Marieke will help you to write a text that’ll outrank your competition and still be a good read! For this workshop, you’ll need a pen (or a notebook), because we are going to do some serious writing exercises.


Your experts: Rian Rietveld & Andrea Fercia
How do you create content that can be understood by everyone, also for people that use the web in another way than you would expect? Keeping your content accessible isn’t hard. You just need to look at your text differently.

In this workshop, we’ll tell you what is important to keep your content accessible and also why. Have you ever ‘listened’ to your own website, how accessible is your content? We will talk about headings, images, links, video and audio. Did you know Google is blind and deaf? Everything you do for accessibility is also good for SEO!

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