WordPress SEO API Docs

The WordPress SEO plugin comes with its own set of actions and filters, described below, first the actions, then the filters, then some example use cases.


  • Frontend
    • wpseo_head
      Runs at the end of the output of all SEO meta tags by the plugin, before the closing debug comment.
    • wpseo_opengraph
      Runs at the end of the output of OpenGraph meta tags by the plugin, before the closing debug comment.
    • wpseo_do_sitemap_<$type>
      Runs in the creation of XML sitemaps, $type can not be a valid post type or taxonomy, when they are this action will not trigger.
  • Backend
    • wpseo_dashboard
      Runs on the SEO admin dashboard page.
    • wpseo_xmlsitemaps_config
      Runs on the SEO Admin page for XML Sitemaps.


  • Frontend
    • wpseo_canonical (string)
      Allows changing of the canonical URL. Returning false will disable the canonical.
    • wpseo_title (string)
      Allows changing the title being output.
    • wpseo_metadesc (string)
      Allows changing of the meta description. Returning false will disable the meta description.
    • wpseo_author_link
      Change the author link added in the <head> or return false to disable it.
    • wpseo_metakey (string)
      Allows changing of the meta keywords. Returning false will disable the meta keywords.
    • wpseo_locale (string)
      Allows changing the locale used in the opengraph set (and possibly in other locations later on).
    • wpseo_opengraph_type (string)
      Allows changing the content type for the current page being output in the opengraph set.
    • wpseo_opengraph_image (string)
      Allows changing the image(s) being output in the opengraph set.
    • wpseo_opengraph_image_size (int)
      Allows changing the image size used for the output of the featured image in the opengraph set.
    • wp_seo_get_bc_title (string)
      Allows changing the title used for the current page in the breadcrumb.
    • wp_seo_get_bc_ancestors (array)
      Allows changing the ancestors for the current page in the breadcrumb.
    • wpseo_whitelist_permalink_vars (array)
      Allows changing the array of whitelisted permalink variables, useful for plugin authors who get complaints from users who are using the plugins permalink redirect function.
    • wpseo_prev_rel_link and wpseo_next_rel_link (string)
      Filter to change the rel="next" and rel="prev" links output by WordPress SEO, by returning false they won’t show.
    • wpseo_xml_sitemap_img_src (string)
      Allows you to change the URL for images embedded in the XML sitemap. Most common usecase is to make sure the CDN URL is embedded.
    • wpseo_json_ld_output (string)
      Allows you to filter the output of the JSON+LD.
    • wpseo_robots (string)
      Allows filtering of the meta robots output of Yoast SEO.
  • Backend
    • wpseo_options (array)
      Allows you to filter the array of options used by the WP SEO plugin, mostly so you can add your own if needed.
    • wpseo_use_page_analysis (boolean)
      Returning false on this will disable the page analysis score from showing up in publish box and edit posts pages.
    • wpseo_show_date_in_snippet_preview (boolean)
      Returning false on this will prevent the date from showing up in the snippet preview.


  • Disable canonical URLs
    To disable the canonical entirely, you could do the following:

    add_filter( 'wpseo_canonical', '__return_false' );
  • Disable rel=”next” on home
    To disable the rel=”next” link on your homepage if you have a static homepage but are not using the corresponding WordPress settings:

    function wpseo_disable_rel_next_home( $link ) {
      if ( is_home() ) {
        return false;
    add_filter( 'wpseo_next_rel_link', 'wpseo_disable_rel_next_home' );
  • Change meta keywords
    To always add ‘yoast’ to your meta keywords (which is a bad idea):

    function yoast_add_keywords( $str ) {
      return $str.',yoast';
    add_filter( 'wpseo_metakey', 'yoast_add_keywords', 10, 1 );
  • Change the OpenGraph type of a page
    To change the OpenGraph type of page X, do the following:

    function yoast_change_opengraph_type( $type ) {
      if ( is_page( 'X' ) )
        return 'video';
    add_filter( 'wpseo_opengraph_type', 'yoast_change_opengraph_type', 10, 1 );
  • Switch XML Sitemap image URLs to CDN
    The following, when replaced with your domain name and CDN url, would make the sitemap contain your CDN image URLs:

    function wpseo_cdn_filter( $uri ) {
    	return str_replace( 'http://example.com', 'http://cdn.example.com', $uri );
    add_filter( 'wpseo_xml_sitemap_img_src', 'wpseo_cdn_filter' );

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