Personal note: wedding pictures!

So I’ve been meaning to show a couple of these to all my readers for a while but just didn’t get to doing it, but here goes. Serge Chamuleau of Trouwen in Arnhem made these wonderful pictures of my wife Marieke and son Tycho at our wedding (ow yeah, warning, I’m in some of them too).

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22 Responses

  1. LyndiBy Lyndi on 11 November, 2008

    The pictures are lovely. Congratulations to both of you.

  2. JanBy Jan on 11 November, 2008

    Nice pictures

    Which plugin do you use for flickr images ?
    do you have the url ?

    thanx in advance


  3. TertiusBy Tertius on 11 November, 2008

    Pretty wife Joost :) Congratulations.

    I read that you were in some of the pictures, so the older gentleman in the first few. I was like.. “Hey wait a minute…”.

  4. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 11 November, 2008

    @Lyndi: thx!!

    @Jan: that’s actually a widget Flickr gives out itself, just create a set and click the “Share this” link on the sets page.

  5. Eduard BlacquièreBy Eduard Blacquière on 11 November, 2008

    Great pictures, Joost!

  6. Roy ScribnerBy Roy Scribner on 11 November, 2008

    Congrats! I want that car…

  7. DavidBy David on 12 November, 2008

    Very nice pictures indeed Joost! And of course all the happiness in the world for the both of you!

  8. ErikBy Erik on 12 November, 2008

    Congratulations. looks like a great day.

  9. Thinkpad t60 batteryBy Thinkpad t60 battery on 12 November, 2008

    Congratulations. very nice picture. I wants 65 nh lb car. :)

  10. k76By k76 on 12 November, 2008

    oh reall y cool car :D

  11. OutletBy Outlet on 12 November, 2008

    Really cool photos. Wish you the best!

  12. MLRebeccaBy MLRebecca on 12 November, 2008

    These are wonderful photos. It looks like you had a perfect day. The photography is fantastic. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your big day with us!

  13. Blog SEO TipsBy Blog SEO Tips on 13 November, 2008

    Hello. Nice pictures.

  14. Shimon SandlerBy Shimon Sandler on 13 November, 2008

    Will you be moving into Castle Wijchen? ;-)

  15. SucharithBy Sucharith on 13 November, 2008

    Congratulations to both of you… Lovely pics

  16. MarcBy Marc on 16 November, 2008

    Hi Joost,

    Gefeliciteerd. Altijd leuk om te zien zo’n trouwrapportage.
    En om eens wat foto’s te zien van de man die zulke geweldige plugins maakt voor WP. Ik zou je graag een keer spreken. Stuur me even een mailtje als je binnenkort een keer tijd hebt, dan kunnen we even bellen of Skypen.

    Graag hoor ik van je.


  17. FrancisBy Francis on 25 November, 2008

    Hi Joost,

    First time on your site here and find that its a very good read.
    Also congratulations on your wedding.

  18. Shanker BakshiBy Shanker Bakshi on 1 December, 2008

    Hey Some one has created your avatar exactly as you looks in these pictures – but before seeing these pictures i thought you would be some fat person. :-)

  19. John CongdonBy John Congdon on 8 December, 2008

    Hi Joost,

    I just found your website and am excited by some of what I have read. Congratulations on the wedding. It looks like it was very nice. I currently have 3 more of your posts open in tabs, I just had to see this one first.

    Have you considered using Intense Debates for your comments? I use them on my blogs, but because you seem big into wordpress, I would like your opinions (if you have looked into it) on Intense Debates vs the ones you are using.

  20. RichardBy Richard on 11 March, 2009

    Very nice looking family, I hope you have a Blessed life and a great marriage!
    Thanks for all you do and for sharing your plugins.

    Thanks , All the way from Alabama U.S.A.


  21. Citygames vrijgezellenfeestBy Citygames vrijgezellenfeest on 16 June, 2009

    Congratulations! you actually look alot like your avatar ;)

    Succes met je getrouwde leventje nu!