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Get Yoast SEO Premium NowOnly $89 for 1 site – Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee - No questions asked

Join the more than 200,000 satisfied Yoast SEO Premium customers.
These are the 6 features of Yoast SEO Premium they like best:

  • Up to 5 focus keywords for every single page
  • Preview your page or post on Facebook and Twitter
  • Internal linking to charm Google’s socks off
  • No more dead links: automatic redirects
  • A full year of 24/7 email support
  • No more ads!

How does Yoast SEO Premium compare to the free version?
See for yourself:

Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO free

Add focus keywords

Up to 5 keywords for each page.

Limited to 1 keyword

Preview in social media

Make sure no one can resist clicking your post on Facebook and Twitter

Only Google and Bing preview

Internal linking

Get suggestions for links to other pages on your website, as you write.

You have to look up related pages manually.

No more dead links

Easily redirect old URLs to new ones.

Don’t forget to create a redirect yourself each time you delete a page. Or keep losing visitors.

24/7 email support

Round the clock email access to our wonderful and knowledgeable support team

Browse our extensive FAQ section and knowledge base.

No more ads

In Yoast SEO Premium there are no ads.

You’ll see ads for our other awesome products and services.
Get Yoast SEO Premium NowOnly $89 for 1 site – Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee
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Add focus keywords

With Yoast SEO Premium, you no longer have to limit yourself to 1 focus keyword per page.

You can optimize each web page for up to 5 words or combinations of words. Related terms, synonyms… Google welcomes them with open arms.

Preview in social media

Your potential visitor is bombarded with messages and you want him to click on your link? Then it’d better look darn good!

With Yoast SEO Premium, you can see how your post appears on Facebook and Twitter, and tweak it until it looks absolutely irresistible.

Internal linking

Search engines love structure. Give it to them, and they’ll love you too. One way to do this is by internal linking. And with Yoast SEO Premium, that’s a breeze.

While you’re typing, the plugin gives you suggestions of what posts or pages on your website you can link to.

So simple, and so effective!

No more dead links

When you delete a page, you should always redirect that URL to a new one. Unless you believe that visitors just love spending time on 404 Not found pages.

The Premium Redirects manager is here to help you: every single time you delete a page, it will ask you what to do with the old URL.

You can even ask the plugin to let all URLs with a specific word redirect to the same page, automatically.

24/7 email support

Got a question about the set-up or the features of the plugin?

Just ask the people that made it! Premium Yoast SEO members can send our SEO experts emails about anything. Anything related to SEO or the Yoast SEO plugin that is.

No more ads

Yoast SEO Premium is entirely ad-free. No need to recommend a better SEO plugin, because you’re already using it.

Get Yoast SEO Premium NowOnly $89 for 1 site – Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee - No questions asked

This is what a few of our more than 200,000 happy users have to say:

“As a publisher our articles have a big overlap in topics which needs to be analyzed quickly. This is why we decided to go with Yoast Premium. With the ability to do multiple keyword analysis our editors know in just a couple of seconds if their post meet the quality guidelines for long term growth of organic traffic.”

– Julian Aijal, The Next Web

“At USD $89 per year for a single-site license, I believe the price is worth it. In fact, when I look at the things I could do, and how easier they are now, it’s a bargain.”

– Robert Lee, blogger and freelance professional writer

Get Yoast SEO Premium NowOnly $89 for 1 site – Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee - No questions asked