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How does Yoast SEO Premium compare to the free version?

Yoast SEO Premium

Get Yoast SEO Premium Only $99 USD / year (ex VAT), including 1 year free updates and support
Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee - No questions asked

Yoast SEO Free

New: Generate high-quality SEO titles and meta descriptions with Yoast AI
Get optimized SEO titles and meta descriptions for search and social that match your content with a single click. Yoast’s Artificial Intelligence functionality saves you time and makes your life easier.
You have to manually write and optimize all your SEO titles and meta descriptions yourself.
Optimize for up to 5 keywords per page
With just 1 page you’ll be ranking for up to 5 synonyms and related keywords. This way, you get more visitors without the effort of creating extra pages. Multiple keywords improve your reach!
Only 1 keyword per page
You’re missing out on search traffic for synonyms or related terms. You’ll have to manually create a unique page for every single keyword.
Check out how  your business benefits from using Yoast SEO Premium!
Automatic redirects: so no more dead links or 404 errors
Old and renamed pages are seamlessly redirected. So you keep both your visitors and Google happy.
No redirect manager
If you forget to redirect, your visitors get stuck on a 404 page. And Google doesn’t like those “Page not found” messages.
Get real-time suggestions for internal links
You get suggestions for links to other pages as you write. Google loves internal links and will reward you with a better ranking.
You need to guess which links would work best
You need to guess which pages you should link to for a better ranking. For every single page you create … and all the current pages on your website.
Preview your page on Facebook and Twitter/X
You get full control over how your page appears on social media. So you can be sure it convinces people to click.
No preview of your page on social media
No preview of your social snippets. You can only guess and cross your fingers.
24/7 support
Our wonderful and knowledgeable support team loves to personally help you with every question you ask via email.
No support
You can help yourself with our extensive knowledge database.
We’ll remove the ads so you can enjoy your Yoast SEO plugin without distractions. Because we love your support!
You’ll see ads for our other products and services.

And of course

  • Free access to all paid courses in Yoast SEO academy
  • Free updates every 2 weeks

Yoast SEO Premium also includes all features from the free plugin, like:

  • Readability check
  • SEO analysis
  • Full control over your breadcrumbs
  • Always updated for Google’s algorithm

All plugin settings will be automatically migrated to Yoast SEO Premium for you. So you keep all the work you’ve put in the plugin.

Get Yoast SEO Premium Only $99 USD / year (ex VAT), including 1 year free updates and support
Risk-free: 30-day money back guarantee - No questions asked
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