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  • What is YoastCon?

    YoastCon is an interactive conference focused on search engine optimization and is held in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

    YoastCon goes deeper and wider than most other SEO conferences. Over the course of 2 days, multiple experts from all over the world share SEO knowledge that you can use immediately.

  • When will YoastCon 2019 take place?

    7 & 8 February 2019.

  • Where can I see the keynotes from YoastCon 2017?

    You can see them here.

  • Where can I find the refund policy?

    You can find our refund policy here.

  • Is YoastCon an entirely English conference?

    All keynotes are in English. The workshops are in English and Dutch.

  • Is the location suitable for disabled?

    Yes, it is. There is an elevator, for example.

  • I have some dietary requirements. Can you take this into account?

    Yes, of course we can help you with any dietary wishes or allergy you might have. Please inform us and send an email to sales@yoast.com.

  • Is there a Code of Conduct for YoastCon?

    Yes, you can find the Code of Conduct on this page.


  • How can I get a ticket?

    You can buy your ticket here. As soon as you’ve placed your order for a ticket you’ll get a confirmation email. This email confirms that you’ve been registered. The registration goes by name, you won’t need a physical ticket.

    In case you have any doubts or other questions regarding YoastCon don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@yoast.com.

  • Do you offer a group discount?

    Yes, we offer a group discount of 10% starting from 5 tickets.

  • When and how can I sign up for workshops?

    As soon as the registration for the workshops is opened, you will be informed of how you can register by email.

  • Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

    Yes, you can transfer your ticket to another person until 2 days before the event. Please send an email to sales@yoast.com.

  • Can I buy a ticket now and choose the name of the person who will attend later?

    Yes, please send an email to sales@yoast.com.

  • Is there a possibility to refund if I am not able to attend?

    You can find ou refund policy here.

  • Can you deduct the VAT since you are selling within the EU?

    To comply with EU law (Article 53 & 54 of the VAT Directive, to be specific!), we must charge VAT in the country where the event takes place.

  • How can I get a letter of invitation for a visa?

    Just send an email to sales@yoast.com to ask for the documentation. We require you to pay for your tickets before we send you an invitation.


  • Where can I find your privacy statement?

    You can read through our privacy statement here.

  • What are you going to do with my email address after buying a ticket?

    Your name and email address are stored in your MyYoast account and Mailchimp. We’ll use it to inform you about updates regarding the conference, as well as provide you relevant information regarding future events. Every email you receive about future events aside from YoastCon 2019 includes an unsubscribe button. Simply hit that if you’d no longer like to hear about future events.

  • What happens to my personal details after the event?

    Aside from your name and email address, which are covered in the previous question, any other personal details are stored within the database for the specific event that you have attended – and only in that database. We keep a record of our attendees like any company keeps a record of customers. It’s necessary if we ever need to provide you a refund, or make declarations to the tax authorities.

  • Is there a photographer during YoastCon?

    Yes, for 2 days a photographer will take pictures of the keynotes, the workshops, during lunch and drinks. The goal is to make an impression of YoastCon. The photos will not be used for commercial purposes. If you don’t want to be photographed, you can report this when registering on the day itself.