YoastCon FAQ

What is YoastCon?

YoastCon is an interactive conference focused on search engine optimization. YoastCon goes deeper and wider than most other SEO conferences. The 2020 edition is a private and exclusive SEO & Online Marketing conference. This edition of YoastCon will be a special, invite-only edition celebrating Yoast’s 10-year anniversary together with our dearest fans in our hometown Wijchen. 

When will YoastCon 2020 take place?

April 24, 2020.

Where will YoastCon 2020 take place?

In our hometown Wijchen, the Netherlands, Het Mozaiek, Campuslaan 6.

Is YoastCon an entirely English conference?

All talks are in English.

Is the location suitable for people with disabilities?

Yes, it is!

I have some dietary requirements. Can you take this into account?

Yes, of course we can help you with any dietary wishes or allergies you might have. As an invite, you will receive a form to notify us of any special wishes.

Is there a Code of Conduct for YoastCon?

Yes, you can find the Code of Conduct on this page.

I heard the 2019 event was AWESOME. Where can I find the aftermovie?

Read all about YoastCon 2019 here!

In the unfortunate event I can’t make it, is there a refund policy?

As this YoastCon is based on invites only we don’t have a refund policy. But please notify us as soon as possible in case you can’t make it by sending an email to vip@yoast.com. Then we will be able to get other people a chance to get an invite!

How can I get a ticket?

You can apply for YoastCon 2020 tickets by participating in challenges! We’ve got a few challenges in store for you, so no worries.

Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

No, that is not possible, you may send an email to vip@yoast.com when you can’t make it, then we can make sure to make someone else happy with an invite.

How can I get a letter of invitation for a visa?

Just send an email to vip@yoast.com to ask for the documentation. We require you to be on our guest list, before we send you an official invitation.

What is included in an invite?

An invite means that you will get a ticket for the conference, including lunch and guided tour on the Yoast campus. It doesn’t include diner or an overnight stay. Please, send an email to vip@yoast.com in case you have any questions.

Where can I find your privacy statement?

You can read through our privacy statement here.

What are you going to do with my email address after being invited as a guest?

Your name and email address are stored in Mailchimp. We’ll use it to inform you about updates regarding the conference, as well as provide you relevant information regarding future events. Every email you receive about future events aside from YoastCon 2020 includes an unsubscribe button. Simply hit that if you’d no longer like to hear about future events.

What happens to my personal details after the event?

Aside from your name and email address, which are covered in the previous question, any other personal details are stored within the database for the specific event that you have attended – and only in that database.

Is there a photographer during YoastCon?

Yes, a photographer will take pictures during the event of the keynotes, the guided tour, during lunch and drinks. The goal is to make an impression of YoastCon, the photos can be used in our newsletter and on social media. If you don’t want to be photographed, you can report this when registering on the day itself.

Can I get a press ticket?

Please, send an email to vip@yoast.com subject: “Press YoastCon”, we will have just a few spots reserved for press.  



There are several ways to travel from the Dutch airports to Nijmegen and Wijchen. We’ve collected the most used ways for you in this overview, to make your travel as easy as possible.

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

KLM provides a free bus ride from Schiphol to Nijmegen central station! From Nijmegen you can take the train to Wijchen. The bus travels three times a day. For more info, visit their site: KLM bus

Schiphol has a big railway station, located below Schiphol Plaza at the main entrance. Trains to Wijchen depart several times an hour. Trains don’t depart between midnight and 5:00.

Taxis are located near the arrival hall.

Don’t want to travel in crowded public transport? Car rental desks are located at Schiphol Plaza, the main hall. Services are available between 6:00 and 23:30. For more info, visit their site:  Rental car

Eindhoven Airport

Airport shuttles 400 and 401 depart every 15 minutes, between 6:00 and midnight. The bus stops can be found at the main entrance of the airport. They terminate at Eindhoven central station, where you can take the train to Wijchen. Trains don’t depart between 23:00 and 6:00.

Taxis are located near the bus stops (main entrance).

Rotterdam-The Hague Airport

Bus 33 departs every 15 minutes, between 6:00 and midnight. The bus stop can be found next to the departure hall at the airport. It terminates at Rotterdam central station, where you can take the train to Wijchen. Trains don’t depart between midnight and 4:00.

Taxis are located near the main entrance.

Other ways (Europeans only)

To the venue after arrival at Wijchen

It’s a 20-minute walk from the train station to our venue Het Mozaiek. Or you can take the “Breng” bus 561 to Malden / “Breng” bus 15 to Wijchen , bus stop Meerdreef/Oosterweg is a 9 minute walk from the venue.

To the venue / hotel after arrival at Nijmegen

Most of the trains stop at Nijmegen station. From Nijmegen you can take the train to Wijchen station.

Busses and taxis to your hotel / venue can be found at the main entrance of the station. Busses at your left hand, taxis at your right. Please note that in busses around Nijmegen you cannot pay with money. You can only pay by card (no credit card) or buy an OV-chipcard at the ticket office on the station.


Mercure Hotel

Stationsplein 2
6512 AB Nijmegen
0031 24 323 8888

Distance to the location: 13 km
Google maps

Hotel Umberto

Graafseweg 699
6603 CE Wijchen
0031 24 641 2646

Distance to the location: 4 km
Google maps

Logis Hotel restaurant Hoogeerd

Maasbandijk 10
6606 KB Niftrik
0031 24 641 4032

Distance to the location: 6 km
Google maps

Van der Valk Hotel De Molenhoek

Rijksweg 1
6584 AA Molenhoek
0031 24 358 0155

Distance to the location: 15 km
Google maps

Hotel Courage Waalkade

Waalkade 108
6511 XR Nijmegen
0031 24 360 4970

Distance to the location: 15 km
Google maps

Sanadome hotel & Spa

Weg door Jonkerbos 90
6532 SZ Nijmegen
0031 24 359 7280

Distance to the location: 10 km
Google maps