Yoast vlog: green bullets for our posts?

When optimizing your site, you’re likely to run into the same issues as we do, when optimizing yoast.com. That’s why we decided to show you how we deal with some challenges of our own in our new series How does Yoast do it? We love to share our insights and hopefully make your lives easier as well!

In this first video we’ll show how we deal with optimizing page content – getting green bullets for our posts using the Yoast SEO plugin – and how we decide whether or not to invest time in optimizing a page. Watch the video to take a peek at our yoast.com back-end and we’ll reveal a small secret too.

Can’t watch the video?

Here’s a summary of the video transcript:

“The first topic we’ll discuss is how do we deal with getting green bullets for our posts. We’ll let you in on a little secret: we don’t do this all the time! Sometimes we actually do not do anything: perhaps because the post is an announcement, or because we think that aiming a specific post at a keyword would actually make that post less interesting to read. We think that the end-user is more important than our long-term ranking for specific posts. If we don’t have specific keywords for a post that we want to optimize for, we just don’t do it. They have to fit into the narrative of our site.

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Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO plugin Info

Let me show you this by showing a tiny glimpse of our yoast.com back-end. As you can see, not all of our posts, in fact, a lot of our posts don’t have green bullets. They’re not aimed at specific keywords. Some posts are important because of other reasons, so you don’t have to always get that green bullet.

Now what you will notice is that when we start to optimize, we’ll usually hit the mark. We do go for the green bullet and don’t stop at an orange or another one. We might try several focus keywords, so that’s why sometimes we store it with another focus keyword than the primary focus keyword, this might cause an orange color. But that’s something to discuss another time.

So you’ve seen it, we’re not perfect, we don’t get green bullets for all of our posts. I hope this makes you understand how to deal with this a bit better. And I hope to see you soon on another How does Yoast do it? post!”

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7 Responses to Yoast vlog: green bullets for our posts?

  1. Bhumi
    Bhumi  • 3 years ago

    wow !! it’s really great post. I have never thought about it. it’s very nice and helped my blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Sarah Gotheridge
    Sarah Gotheridge  • 3 years ago

    I personally don’t force myself to get that green bullet everytime as I’ve seen it makes me do things that look unnatural to my style of writing.

    Am I doing it wrong?

  3. Adam
    Adam  • 3 years ago

    This was a very generous insight, thank you for sharing visual aides. I had this tab open for two days before realizing I was only trying to save two minutes. I’ll likely watch each video in the series. Thanks again.

  4. Peter Netz Lassen
    Peter Netz Lassen  • 3 years ago

    Super nice … That really helped us … we are always burden to get “green” :-) And had to abandon some pages. Nice Star Wars figure!
    May the force be with you – Young Skywalker!


  5. Serena
    Serena  • 3 years ago

    Good to know! A few of our clients have quite visual-based home pages, and often Yoast SEO doesn’t recognise much text on the page. I’ve found it impossible to get the ‘green bullet’ on those types of pages. So perhaps it’s better to just leave these with no focus keyword at all?

  6. Josh
    Josh  • 3 years ago

    This is something we have considered for pages as well. We run an ecommerce store and don’t have any blog posts, so have used the green bullets on the pages. Unfortunately some pages (like the home page) will never be able to get all green.

  7. Design7
    Design7  • 3 years ago

    Thanks for the candid admission. I figured that it was unrealistic to optimize every single post. I don’t do that either. But it humanizes the SEO process somewhat when we see that even the Masters of SEO don’t either. You’re human like us!

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