Yoast SEO for your platform

Yoast’s mission is simple: SEO for everyone. Everyone should be able to build a search engine friendly website and optimize its content. So, if you want your platform to have an official Yoast SEO plugin/extension: we’re up for that! In fact, because a large part of Yoast SEO relies on JavaScript which runs in the browser, it’s not even that much work!

Ground rules

We have a few ground rules for projects:

  1. We only work with open source platforms. Due to the nature of our licensing but also because we don’t like closed source projects, we only work with open source projects.
  2. You have to build a minimum viable project as defined in our product sheet. That’s not a trivial thing, it’s a pretty large amount of features, but SEO is a combination of a whole lot of things.
  3. You have to maintain the plugin/extension and keep up to date with YoastSEO.js, the library that handles all our content analyses.
  4. The repositories for the product will be under the Yoast umbrella and owned by Yoast.
  5. The Yoast brand is and will remain the full ownership of Yoast BV and we reserve our right to prevent you from using that brand if we no are no longer able to work together. (Yes, our lawyer made us put that one in)

Interested? Email us and ask for Omar or Joost.

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