Yoast SEO 22.3: Introducing AI for category and tag pages

Yoast SEO 22.3 introduces a highly-requested AI feature exclusively for our Yoast SEO Premium customers. AI-generated titles and descriptions—simply input your keyphrase for SEO-optimized suggestions. Effortlessly enhance category and tag pages, save time, and stay ahead in SEO. Yoast SEO 22.3 also includes additional refinements and fixes, enhancing the user experience from which all our customers can benefit. 

Generated titles and descriptions for taxonomies for Yoast SEO Premium

Building on the enthusiastic reception of AI generated titles and meta descriptions for our customers’ content and product pages over the last year, we are taking it one step further. Yoast SEO 22.3 introduces AI-generated titles and descriptions tailored for your category and tag pages! 

Just input your chosen keyphrase and you will receive SEO-optimized suggestions for you to choose from. As with our other generative AI features, you stay in control of what the end result looks like as it is easy to tweak the results to fit your requirements or generate five more at the click of a button, as shown below. 

A screen grab of the AI title generator for category pages with a mobile preview for Google

Why it matters:

At Yoast, we recognize that content creators often overlook category and tag pages amidst the hustle of new content creation and site optimization. Many times, creators build these pages and then neglect to revisit them as frequently as necessary. After all, although establishing the right site structure and taxonomy system is crucial, it may not offer the most enjoyable aspect of content creation. Now, with our AI-generated titles and descriptions, you can effortlessly enhance these pages without sacrificing your precious time and resources.


Save time and resources:

  • Cover SEO fundamentals as part of your workflow, without adding the extra effort or time.
  • Focus on creating new content while our AI makes the optimization of your category and tag pages a breeze.
  • Worry-free title and descriptions. Our suggestions will be there to guide you, even when you are tired or lacking inspiration.

Boost search engine ranking:

  • Seamlessly complete another task which contributes to improving your site’s SEO performance.
  • Stay ahead in search results by effortlessly fine-tuning your taxonomies.

Other refinements and fixes

Yoast SEO 22.3 introduces additional refinements and fixes, enhancing the user experience for all our customers. We’ve also configured the social profile settings to enable x.com websites to be added. We’ve streamlined processes and eliminated unnecessary queries, ensuring a smoother overall interaction with the plugin. 

Update now to Yoast SEO 22.3 

Upgrade to Yoast SEO 22.3 now to enhance your workflow and productivity. We’re eager to learn how this update contributes to your online success, and your valuable feedback could inspire future features like the one introduced today. Your journey to improved SEO starts with this update!

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