Student Assistant in Linguistics

Do you want to dive into the syntax of passive voice in Italian? Do you think you can find a way to count French syllables? Does figuring out the word order in Farsi sound exciting to you? Come join Team Yoast! We are looking for a language enthusiast to help us making the linguistic features of our plugin available in more languages. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be fluent in a gazillion languages. As long as you have a feel for language structures, and you aren’t afraid to spend time on unraveling syntax and phonology, we’re looking for you!

At Yoast, we do search engine optimization (SEO). We help people to rank as high as possible in Google and other search engines. Over the past year and a half, we’ve been adding more and more language-related features to our SEO plugins. We’re currently looking for a student assistant who could assist us with the following two projects:

Readability analysis

When people find a website on Google, but the readability level of that site is bad, they’ll most likely return to Google search results, which will harm the website’s ranking. That is why we encourage people to write texts that are easy to read. As you might imagine, we need a lot of language-specific analyses to determine the readability of a text. Your job will not only be to add lists of transition words for new languages, but also to find a way to count syllables and detect passive voice in those languages.

Internal linking suggestions

A few months ago, we introduced an internal linking tool that suggests to which related post you might want to link. These suggestions are based on the most frequent words and word combinations on all the website’s posts. However, before we can suggest anything, a lot of filtering has to be done. Otherwise, all posts on a website might be related because ‘the’ and ‘be’ are the most frequent words in all of them. As you would guess, these filters are language-specific as well. In this project, you’ll work with contributors from all over the world who submit word lists for their language, and you’ll also be be composing a lot of word lists yourself. In addition, you make sure all filters are adapted to the word order of each specific language.

What we need

  • You have insight into language structure, and know a thing or two about syntax, morphology and phonology.
  • You are persistent and strive for accuracy.
  • Knowledge of non-European languages is a plus.
  • 16+ hours per week of your time.

What we’re offering

  • A chance to use your linguistic knowledge to help millions of people write more readable texts and improve their site structure.
  • A chance to spend your time contributing to open source software.
  • A pleasant and challenging work atmosphere in Wijchen (near Nijmegen).
  • A competitive salary.
  • Extras like our LEGO build days and monthly informative get-togethers.

About us

Yoast consists of a rapidly growing team of internet enthusiasts. We’re a start-up with a very good international reputation when it comes to SEO and website optimization.

Multiple times per week we publish free SEO and/or web development related articles on our blogs. We organize MeetUps and speak at conferences. At Yoast, we are very community-minded and highly value Open Source. We provide both free and paid plugins for WordPress and Drupal and are always looking to expand our field of work. Besides software, we sell eBooks, online (SEO) courses and SEO services. We serve a global customer base, with a focus on the US.

Our company is continuously in development. We create a lot of new products. Next to ongoing improvements of our Yoast SEO plugins, we publish eBooks and courses on a frequent basis. The development of new products is mostly done internally and is a real team-effort. Our team consists of authors, illustrators, marketeers, developers and researchers. Together, we build new innovative SEO products!

If you’re interested in working with us, please send your application letter and resume via the form below. For more information about this vacancy, feel free to email irene [at] and we’ll be in touch!

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