Upcoming for WordPress

If you’ve seen my speaking page, you know what this plugin does, if not, you should check it out right now. Basically it gets all of your Upcoming events from Upcoming through the API, and allows you to show these to your users.


  1. Download, and unzip the zip file
  2. Upload the upcoming directory to your plugins directory
  3. Enable the plugin and go to it’s settings page
  4. Enter your API code, if you don’t have one, get it here.

How to use this

Post or page

You can simply type in [upcoming userid="138148"] or [upcoming username="upcomingusername"], and it will show all the events you’re attending. You can also do [upcoming userid="138148" states="attend,watch"], and it will show all the events you might be going to too.

In the settings panel for the Upcoming plugin you can change how these events look.


You can just enable the widget and enter in your userid. You can also change how events are displayed in the widget as well!

Are you a speaker?

If you’re a speaker at conferences, you might think it’s cool to show of that you’re speaking there, and you can simply do that by adding a speaker:<your-username> tag to the event, the state of the event will then be “speaking”, which you can use to change the layout. If you use the default template (did I mention the complete look of the list is templatable?), this code will make a microphone appear in front of the events you’ll be speaking at:

tr.speaking td h4 {
	background: url(/wp-content/plugins/upcoming/microphone.png)
		no-repeat left top;
	padding-left: 30px;

Including Upcoming in your theme

It’s simple, just do this in your theme (and replaced userid with your userid):

<?php $atts[0] = userid; echo show_upcoming($atts); ?>