Yoast SEO assessment: Slug too long

What does the slug too long check do?

The ‘slug too long’ check assesses whether or not your slug is too long. ‘Too long’, in this case, means that the slug of your URL shouldn’t be significantly longer than your keyphrase. You’ll be notified when your slug contains 20 more characters than your keyphrase and has more than 40 characters.

Why is slug length important for SEO?

Having a long slug doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get penalized by the search engines. However, we recommend to keep your URLs, and therefore, slugs, as short as possible. That’s because usually, shorter URLs are more focused and on point, which is always a good thing for both your users and search engines. Furthermore, in the results pages, meta titles and descriptions are cut off at 512 pixels, as are URLs: something to keep in mind when deciding on a slug for your post or page.

Do you want to improve your slug length?

Make sure to include all the information that’s important to make clear what the page is about. So, include your focus keyphrase, even if it’s a bit long. Besides that, it’s important to keep your slug focused, so it doesn’t contain words that add little value. In short, consider which words are and aren’t a necessary part of the slug, and adjust it accordingly.

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