Comment Redirect

This plugin has been deprecated and replaced by our Yoast Comment Hacks plugin, which includes this plugins functionality and more!

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Your first time commenters are precious people, once you realize that they’re first time commenters. This plugin allows you to redirect just those people to a page of your choosing. At that point you can introduce them to your blog a bit more, ask them to subscribe to your blog, like you on Facebook and much much more. You could even offer them a special download.

This blog post by Lisa Barone shows you how Outspoken Media uses this comment redirect plugin in their community building.

This is what the admin page looks like:

Comment Redirect admin page

Comment Redirect Translations

These 27 languages are included in the plugin: Bosnian, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), Finnish, French (France), German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Hungarian, Punjabi.

Green languages are completely translated, others are partially translated.

This language is partially translated, but not yet included in the plugin because it's not complete enough yet: Chinese (China).

If you're missing your language, your language is incomplete or you want to improve on one of our translations, register on and start translating!