WordPress SEO Webinar with SEO Braintrust

WordPress SEO Webinar with SEO Braintrust

March 07th, 2012 – 32 Comments

Last week I did a webinar with SEO Braintrust, which was incredibly fun. So much fun in fact that I have
asked Andrea Warner, who hosted that webinar, to help me with setting up a paid webinar series around WordPress SEO, going into the subject matter even more deeply. More news on that will be coming soon, along with a survey to see which kind of problems you encounter and would like me to touch upon. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter below to stay up to date.

Now, the webinar with SEO Braintrust was recorded and you can view it right here:


For a full transcript and the slides, see the post on SEO Braintrust.

32 Responses to WordPress SEO Webinar with SEO Braintrust

  1. Mark V
    By Mark V on 28 March, 2012

    Nice video. WordPress is the most SEO friendly cms of alll. Thanks for the info.

  2. Vincent
    By Vincent on 22 March, 2012


    Long time reader-excellent webinar. A quick question. I have a site build out that has a lot of pages, some of which are ranking nicely for their targeted keywords. I am looking to really build out the site and want to implement categories. (I am ashamed to admit I didn’t do that originally and now have to do it retrospectively).

    Do you think if I add appropriate categories now, as per your direction, that it would negatively effect the rankings of those pages that are doing well in the SERPS?

    Looking forward to hearing what you think and to the BrainTrust webinar tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance-

    • Dan Thies
      By Dan Thies on 23 March, 2012

      Vincent, adding categories and tags won’t change the permalinks (URLs) for your existing posts or pages.

      As long as you only add a few categories, it’s a minor change in site structure, and I wouldn’t expect it to make a huge difference in your rankings.

      Not sure what “a lot of pages” is to you, but even up to hundreds of pages, it’s pretty hard to do any damage with structural changes. As the page count goes into the thousands and tens of thousands you need to be much more mindful of structure.

  3. DJ Nickles
    By DJ Nickles on 17 March, 2012

    Professor Yoast,
    Ok. You make SEO look so easy. You are the Bach of Search. It’s as if you were born with optimization streaming through your cerebral cortex. I thoroughly profited from the session.
    It turns out that my sites require a lot of attention. But I can think of worse things to do with my time.

    Please continue to share with us.

    Best regards,

  4. Louis Blythe
    By Louis Blythe on 15 March, 2012

    Hey Yoast,

    Added a MaxCDN halfway through the video! Thanks for the promo code! It was super easy to set up!

    So far so good! According to pingdom my site is now faster then 88% of the site on the internet! Stoked!

    Keep the goodness coming!

    P.S I am writing a reply about the success of the site review you did on my site. I haven’t had time due to all the enquiries that have been coming through the site!

  5. René Molenkamp
    By René Molenkamp on 14 March, 2012

    Yoast, great software keep going on.

  6. Troy Tanga
    By Troy Tanga on 14 March, 2012

    No bull, no hype just the information you need to kick some serious Google SEO butt. Add in Adwords and your a category killing machine. Keep up the great work.

  7. Orli OSH
    By Orli OSH on 14 March, 2012

    Awesome. We use your plugin, and this video is super helpful. Thanks

  8. david suarez
    By david suarez on 13 March, 2012

    hey yoast, on the part where you guys talked about “rel=author”, I was wondering if you could go into a bit more detail about that.

    You mentioned that you need to have your posts link to an “author page” and from the author page it needs to be linked to the google+ profile. on google’s website it says you can simply have a custom link on the post page ( or page) to your google+ profile and then from your google+ profile “contribute” back to the blog post. this way they do not mention anything about having author pages.

    I am sure google will be changing the process to a more friendlier approach in the near future. however, if you can help me on this bit of a quandary that would be great, thanks!

  9. Abiola
    By Abiola on 13 March, 2012

    Thank you so much for providing such useful content!

  10. Steven TRACY
    By Steven TRACY on 12 March, 2012

    Why is that when I search for “wordpress SEO” you’re not first?

    WordPress.org is.

    I know why, but I’ll let you figure it out for yourself

    • Nick Walsh
      By Nick Walsh on 12 March, 2012

      I think Yoast must be right. I go to Google.com in Vancouver, BC at 12:19 am and search “WordPress SEO”. Yoast.com takes first and second. Guess that settles that.

      • Ramesh Pawar
        By Ramesh Pawar on 12 March, 2012

        Use “SEOCentro Keyword Position” tool to check keyword position because search results are depends upon your location, your history and other factors.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 12 March, 2012

      Several options, you could be logged in and visit WP.org more frequently, your previous searches might make Google think WP.org is more relevant, etc.

  11. Nick Walsh
    By Nick Walsh on 11 March, 2012

    Your stuff is so far above the rest that second place probably thinks he’s in the lead! Honestly, I could create a University course – or maybe even a degree program – around your material.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort. It is very much appreciated her in Vancouver, BC!

  12. Nick
    By Nick on 11 March, 2012

    Who the hell was munching on ice from a slurpy cup while Yoast was delivering? Freeking annoying dude!

  13. Remco ter Voorde
    By Remco ter Voorde on 10 March, 2012


    You discussed some templates. But are there any you would advise in respect of your plugins to work okay with. At least for the Breadcrumbs to shon nicely integrated?

    Thanks for the session


  14. Graham Stoney
    By Graham Stoney on 9 March, 2012

    Thanks for this Joost. I finally got around to switching to your WordPress SEO Plugin, and it looks great! Thanks for all these great tips. Cheers, Graham

  15. Diana Manning
    By Diana Manning on 8 March, 2012

    If I use different descriptions and SEO meta data for categories and tags, then is it OK to use both?

    I’ve been doing it this way since I installed the plugin, as well as writing manual excerpts. It’s more work, but I thought it would be better for SEO, not worse!

    Have I done all this extra writing for nothing? Or worse, has it had a negativeimpact?

    Thanks for any clarification.


    • Diana Manninh
      By Diana Manninh on 12 March, 2012

      Sorry for the question here. Was watching the replay and typed as the question came to mind.

      What I meant to say was: Thanks Yoast, for yet another helpful and informative video. Well worth taking the time to watch!


  16. Rednights
    By Rednights on 8 March, 2012

    Thanks, viewed the whole thing, though implemented the majority of your advice already. Anyway, any comments on services like Cloudflare or do you not use it.

  17. Seth Neal
    By Seth Neal on 8 March, 2012

    I really struggle with Taxonomies. Hope Yoast does a post on that soon.

  18. Alex
    By Alex on 8 March, 2012

    Great webinar. Thank you

  19. Andy Piper
    By Andy Piper on 8 March, 2012

    This is full of great information. I will watch it again and I shared it with my real estate colleagues on my Facebook page. Thanks. for the information.

  20. Mouad
    By Mouad on 8 March, 2012

    Thanx Yoast. Please provide a download link. I can’t watch the video from the campus, and need to download it to see it back at home.

  21. Peter Lauge
    By Peter Lauge on 8 March, 2012

    In the fine cast with SEO Braintrust you talk about Categories vs Tags, and how to use them correct.

    I would very much like to know more about that.

    Thank you for your open source work!


  22. Aaron
    By Aaron on 8 March, 2012

    Appreciate you sharing the webinar! The first 1/3 is chock-full of goodies, and I’ll be watching the remainder soon.

  23. eRock Christopher
    By eRock Christopher on 8 March, 2012

    I will be watching this replay tonight! I’m sure it is great! Looking forward to the paid versions for even better content! Local Business Rockstar

  24. Bob Jones
    By Bob Jones on 8 March, 2012

    Erg informatief! Bedankt Joost :)

  25. Mark from Malta
    By Mark from Malta on 8 March, 2012

    Kindly keep me informed, I would definitely be interested in the paid webinar series and am sure couple colleagues of mine will join too. Thanks.

  26. Anwar
    By Anwar on 7 March, 2012

    A few months ago I signed up for the newsletters (with two different email accounts) but up till now never received one. Weird :/

    As for the paid SEO webinars, I’m in if they don’t cost me an arm and a leg.

    • Evgeni Yordanov
      By Evgeni Yordanov on 9 March, 2012

      I just can’t believe that I missed it. Good call on recording it ;)

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