More WordPress SEO: robots-meta update

After reading Halfdeck’s post about Third Level Push, which Roy pointed me at, I decided to add the necessary code to the Robots Meta plugin, since the code example Halfdeck gave was for an older version of WordPress (the wp_list_cats function he uses was deprecated in WordPress 2.1).

It’s quite easy, you check the appropriate box and it nofollows the category listings on either the single posts or the single pages. With that, another thing I’d been working on, suggested by Michael Gray, made it to release as well: the latest version supports editing of your robots.txt from within WordPress, if you’ve made the file writable.

I’ve also moved over to the plugin repository to handle the downloads, subversion etc. for my plugins, because this will allow for auto-update notification starting with WordPress 2.3 as well. So to download, you should go here.

Update: read more about WordPress SEO.

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9 Responses

  1. Stijn VogelsBy Stijn Vogels on 10 September, 2007

    This certainly seems worth a try, since I’ve been manually editing robot.txt to make sure certain pages are excluded. Getting rid of double indexed pages can be hell, even if you use their webmaster tools.

    Also, I noticed some spam on css directory, inspirational sites. Unless you’re into poker, that is.

  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 10 September, 2007

    Hehe Stijn, I’m into poker ;)

  3. DeejayBy Deejay on 10 September, 2007

    another poker lover here :-)

  4. SEO CarlyBy SEO Carly on 11 September, 2007

    Hello Joost,

    The download located here is empty:

    Has this been merged in to your latest Meta Robots Plug-in or is it still a seperate download?

    I checked your profile and you have only got the Meta Robots listed. Myself and a few others are very keen to download and use your Permalink Redirect Plug in as well.

    Keep up the good work with the developments mate and thanks. :)

  5. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 11 September, 2007

    SEO Carly: nope the permalink redirect one isn’t merged. Note btw that you’ll get that “for free” in wordpress 2.3, is has canonical URL’s built in.

  6. SEO CarlyBy SEO Carly on 11 September, 2007

    Excellent thanks Joost :)

    It’s also good news WordPress has finally addressed the Canonical problems. “Out of the box” SEO is the single biggest thing that lets the platform down.

  7. PeterBy Peter on 4 January, 2008

    another nice plug, that fixes the meta description and keywords:

    really like that one!

  8. WandaBy Wanda on 8 January, 2008

    Great post. Thanks for that last link too.


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