WordPress Plugin Installation Survey

When you install a new plugin, what do you base the decision to do that on? I’d love to know! So I’ve created a survey, I’ll of course share the results here on the blog.

Please fill out the survey below:

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21 Responses

  1. Mattheijs van WijkBy Mattheijs van Wijk on 20 June, 2011

    Hey Yoast, just filled in your survey. I noticed you didn’t ask in the survey about any WordPress experience. I can image there could be differences in wordpress usage between novice users and experts like yourself?

  2. Lyena SolomonBy Lyena Solomon on 20 June, 2011

    FYI, the survey does not load in Firefox 3.6.17. Going to Chrome to fill it out.

  3. Lyena SolomonBy Lyena Solomon on 20 June, 2011

    Sorry, it eventually did load, after I filled out the survey on Chrome. Strange.

  4. archshrkBy archshrk on 20 June, 2011

    This survey reminded me of some plugin options/opportunities I have neglected. It also reminded me to re-evaluate my current list of installed plugins – time to trim the fat. Feel free to comment on my overly large list here – http://archshrk.com/about

  5. Katinka HesselinkBy Katinka Hesselink on 21 June, 2011

    While the quality of the code is important to me, I’m not competent to judge it (so I don’t), same with security. That aspect didn’t come out in the survey.

  6. George HalsteadBy George Halstead on 21 June, 2011

    I usually hate surveys but if someone puts so much time into plugins that are very useful and reliable the least i could do is complete a survey.

  7. BobBy Bob on 22 June, 2011

    Filled it out! Thanks for making great plugins, Yoast!

    BTW, what plugin did you use to make the survey? Or what would you recommend for forms like this?

    Thanks again!

  8. Azizur RahmanBy Azizur Rahman on 23 June, 2011

    For me if the plugin generate any PHP Error/Warning notice on the Dev server its warring and it will be dissected to see why the plugin author has been lazy coding.

  9. Dave DoolinBy Dave Doolin on 23 June, 2011

    I also look at the plugin architecture and coding style.

  10. MagdaBy Magda on 23 June, 2011

    I’m a newbie and really dont know much about wp plugins,but but like to mention each time i install an update my website is disrupted in some way.Since dont know how to fix them I go to forums.Plugins authors should provide more support.

  11. Marc SaxeBy Marc Saxe on 23 June, 2011


    Anytime you want survey information, I’m happy to chime in.

    I expected a few questions about ease of use, clarity of instructions and manual materials. I guess since you do such a good job of it, it did not come to mind. But, I find most of the open source and free plugins come with gaping holes in the documentation that expect a user to be an expert. Your SEO plugin manual is the best plugin documentation I’ve seen, other than a few paid plugins I use. That’s the most important single factor: competent, excellent documentation explaining all settings, their effect and when it’s appropriate to use them or not.

    Thanks again…


    • RobertBy Robert on 24 June, 2011

      Very much agree with this.
      Sometimes a actual function of a plugin seems simple for the creator, that they actually neglect the fact that others might need more explanation about the art they have been creating.

  12. Justin | MazzastickBy Justin | Mazzastick on 23 June, 2011

    Hey Joost,
    I just finished your survey and yes I am already subscribed to your awesome newsletter. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  13. CarlBy Carl on 24 June, 2011

    I am VERY eager for you to release the Installation Assistant you mentioned somewhere. I wish there was one for WP SEO as well as for W3 Total Cache because this is all new to me. I have many really basic questions and am now looking for a more active forum that the wordpress.org one. Thanks for all you do! ~doctorEQ

  14. Dave DurbinBy Dave Durbin on 24 June, 2011

    Took the survey :) Quick question about WP SEO. If I convert to WP SEO, what other plugins does it replace? Currently using All-in one, with your clean slugs – robots meta – rss footer -

  15. MarcusBy Marcus on 24 June, 2011

    Took it, very interested to see the results!

    I wrote an article on choosing plugins a while ago, which might be relevant here: http://netweblogic.com/wordpress/choosing-wordpress-plugins/

    that’s pretty much the way I choose plugins

    • MarcusBy Marcus on 24 June, 2011

      upon reflection, it says Jun 25 on the post but it’s from 2010 :)

  16. Andy BritnellBy Andy Britnell on 24 June, 2011

    I think this is an important survey. it can be tricky to decide which plugin is going to work for you and if you have the technical knowhow to set it up properly. Then there is the aspect of plugins which conflict with others (Info on this would be useful but not found a resource for this) and those which slow down your site to such an extent that it makes the value it delivers redundant. Another thing that is important is consistency – you find a plugin you like, it works and then the developer moves on to other things. I’ll look forward to your results. The important question for me is- what are you going to do once you get the results?

  17. Mike Henry Sr.By Mike Henry Sr. on 26 June, 2011

    I ask other friends with blogs about plugins they use. Also, I wish there was some way we could tell the quality of the code being written by plugin developers. Any ideas? So I try to use plugins from people who are active in the forums, visible and who seem open to helping.

  18. Kieran GracieBy Kieran Gracie on 27 June, 2011

    As a relative newbie, I wonder how many plugins you experts have installed? Is there a danger of mutual interference if you install too many? I also agree with some of the other comments, about the need for better installation and operation instructions with many of the plugins.

  19. MaritaBy Marita on 28 June, 2011

    Just wanted to add that as a non programmer I like plugins that give me the impression that the creator stays on top of it and updates them regularly. Also, if, once installed, the interface is bad, or there are no ‘info’ buttons for quick reference, I’ll delete it. What it looks like once installed is very important to me – it needs to be ultra organized and accessible :)