8 Responses to Part II of my WordPress CMS series

  1. Ian
    By Ian on 20 June, 2010

    Hi Yoast, I’ve gone through your word press series a few times. Filtering out what I can and can’t / will and won’t do. However I’ve begun using headspace2 and just as you said it’ excellent. apart from the fact it simply hates my website. It conflicts with random plugins, every now and then I find my site fails and I have to play juggle the deactivate/activate buttons untill it’s all working again and I can only point at head space. I’m guessing you don’t have these issues. I’d link my site but I doubt you’d get much insight from the front page.
    Also a note, when I type text in this comment box it goes outside the right hand border of the box.

    • Karoken
      By Karoken on 29 June, 2010

      Hey Yoast,

      I just wanna say thanks for the guides so far, they have helped me out alot for tweaking my wordpress run site for SEO. I started with vbulletin but actually went back to wordpress because of the plugins and ease of creating better SEO. Anyways, I have also been having some issues with HeadSpace 2 and other plugins, it actually messed my tags up for a while for some reason. I opted to try to use my site without HeadSpace, is this a wise idea or is HeadSpace a really vital part of building good SEO on WordPress?
      Thanks again for all the guides!

  2. Mal Milligan
    By Mal Milligan on 16 June, 2010

    Good series Yoast – yes finding a good web design artist at a reasonable price can be a challenge. But if most folks start with a premium theme – and you mentioned a good list there – they are going to get off to a good start. And they can always find a list of developers for that premium theme to try as well. Your first article broke down the page hierarchy into keyword phrases which I though was brilliant. That is how a true SEO Samurai looks at web development… and that’s how SE’s look at webs too. Regards –

  3. Chris Schryer
    By Chris Schryer on 14 June, 2010

    You didn’t mention anything about using child themes, as a possibility for a relative noob to get a decent-enough looking theme. By using something simple like Thematic and a few hooks and you can have a pretty sharp template, that didn’t cost you a dime (other then your own time).
    Good point about using lots of widgetized areas, though. I’ve totally started dropping them in all over the place in themes, because it is way easier then hard-coding, etc.
    Thanks, can’t wait for part three.

  4. Alex Mansfield
    By Alex Mansfield on 14 June, 2010

    I’m only part way through reading it so far, but it’s good stuff! I just wanted to let you know that your Amazon link to the book “Don’t Make Me Think” is broken. At the moment, it’s pointing to:


  5. Peter Jay
    By Peter Jay on 13 June, 2010

    Hello Joost..
    I came here through Zac Johnson suggestion in him six figure affiliate blogging ebook. Since I’m new and just subscribe you RSS yesterday, so I still don’t have any idea about this WordPress CMS series. I’ll try to follow as well. :)

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