WordCamp Ireland: having a blast!

So I’m in Kilkenny, Ireland for WordCamp Ireland, and I’m having a complete blast, thanks in large part to the great organization done by Sabrina Dent and Katherine Nolan. The tech track is absolutely blowing my mind: it’s really techy!

The people here are great: I met a lot of awesome people, basically to be separated in two groups. Group one are the Automattic people: Donncha, Jane Wells, Sheri Bigelow, Hanni RossJohn Godley. Some of the other people worth mentioning because they did cool stuff: Daryl Koopersmith gave a great talk on WordPress themes, Andrea Trasatti did another superb presentation on WordPress mobile plugins and themes (and got me to actually work on yoast.com and get me a decent mobile plugin going). Thank you, all!

Lastly, I’m always amazed that even though I mostly live in a Google world (actually, I had lunch with Fili Wiese and colleagues in Google’s EMEA HQ last friday and Luisella Mazza from Google is here on WordCamp Ireland too), the people from Microsoft I meet on these conferences almost always turn out to be absolutely awesome people: Josh Holmes and Martha Rotter: you rock!

So I gave a presentation myself on saturday, which has been filmed and will probably appear on WordPress.tv, but these are the slides:

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29 Responses

  1. Anthony McGBy Anthony McG on 7 March, 2010

    Great talk Yoast, really enjoyed it. Plus, we won the Chaos Thaoghaire on Friday night. Go Twitter Kings! :)

  2. NiallBy Niall on 7 March, 2010

    Was a great talk on Saturday and Sunday – particularly humbling experience…just what we need to get back on track with good wordpress SEO. Thanks a Bunch. Oh, and we love our yoast.com key chains !

  3. MicheleBy Michele on 7 March, 2010

    Great meeting you and hope you have a good evening in Dublin :)

  4. donnacha | WordSkillBy donnacha | WordSkill on 7 March, 2010

    I greatly enjoyed your talks and it was good to finally meet you in person, I hope you have a great night in Dublin.

  5. Frank PrendergastBy Frank Prendergast on 7 March, 2010

    Great meeting you Joost, really enjoyed your talk & thanks for the offer of the loan of the laptop :)

  6. Kieran DalyBy Kieran Daly on 7 March, 2010

    My son was wowed over by the keyring you gave him. He is busily working on his first blog at the moment and enjoyed your talk as much as I did. Using some of the tips already.

    Well done!!

  7. Ann DonnellyBy Ann Donnelly on 7 March, 2010

    This was a brilliant presentation. I didn’t realise that some of the more technical aspects (cache plugins, etc.) were things that I could do myself w/o advance php or server management skills. If I wasn’t so tired from the weekend, I’d be staying up and applying the rest of the points to my blogs. I definitely will be doing it soon. Thanks Joost! It was really good to meet you and put a real face to the icon. My next task is to pick up some Magento SEO tips on here:-)

  8. EspenBy Espen on 8 March, 2010

    Holy! Hope you tried the local brew. Kilkenny ale is the awesome!

  9. StephBy Steph on 8 March, 2010

    Hey there! Thanks for the tips and tricks over the weekend, really glad you were there and hope you enjoyed the visit.

  10. Ashish KBy Ashish K on 8 March, 2010

    As always, a source of useful information,
    However this time i got bit little confused as first two slides have very little content, thought nothing has started yet.

  11. Ken StanleyBy Ken Stanley on 8 March, 2010

    Thought your talk on Saturday was great, Joost. Picked up quite a few really useful tips. Got caught up talking to someone after though and forgot to collect my Joost keychain… so I was a little disappointed by that!

  12. LeslieBy Leslie on 8 March, 2010

    It was great to hear you in person and watch the site reviews – good stuff for me to take away.
    @ken at least I got my keychain…

    Great weekend and thanks to all.

  13. GarethBy Gareth on 9 March, 2010

    Thanks Yoast I loved both your talks. Learned so much on Sunday.

  14. lindsay macveanBy lindsay macvean on 9 March, 2010

    Thanks for the great talk, can’t stop talking about it. I am on an upwards learning curve. Will be following your stuff from now on, looking forward to it.

  15. Sabrina DentBy Sabrina Dent on 9 March, 2010

    Joost! You are an absolute delight, both as a speaker and just as someone to have hanging about the place, being funny and friendly and handing out keyrings. Thank you *so* much for making the trip to Ireland. We are already picking out the best room for you, your wife and your adorable children so we can invite *all* of you back for Wordcamp Ireland 2011 :)

    PS: Pls bring action figures k thx bai.

  16. lindsay macveanBy lindsay macvean on 11 March, 2010

    Hey yoast,

    I don’t know where the best place to poast more technical questions to you. BUT I was checking out that plugin ‘w3 total cache’, and it seems to require all sorts of fancy stuff on my hosting. (I use bluehost).

    I am in the process of enabling ssh on my hosting provider and looking at the different compression techniques. But could you send me a link to more information on using this plugin etc.

    I am afraid I missed your talk on this particular plugin and only heard about it later. So i’m working in the dark a little bit.

    Hope you are well. Still can’t stop talking about your talk. linds

  17. Gary BarrettBy Gary Barrett on 13 March, 2010

    @lindsay When you install W3 Total Cache there is an installation guide and FAQ available from within the WP admin. Both are also available on wordpress.org and are pretty comprehensive. If you ave any further questions, you can use the plugin section of the wordpress.org forums for more info.


    If your hosting lacks ‘fancy stuff’ like CDN, memcache etc, W3 Total Cache can still help your site even if you have a basic hosting package through caching, compression and minification.

  18. Dan Horton SEOBy Dan Horton SEO on 16 March, 2010

    Great talk Joosty as always! Your insights into the tech stuff never fail to amaze, thanks again Dan

  19. hrochaBy hrocha on 24 March, 2010

    Very useful presentation. Thanks.

  20. Dave [keyword removed]By Dave [keyword removed] on 26 March, 2010

    Hey Joosty, great presentation and great post, I’ve learnt quiet alot that I’m gonna transfer on to my own blog.

  21. Robin BenedictBy Robin Benedict on 29 March, 2010

    i really like your presentation, simple and very useful content.
    I have downloading from slideshare

  22. JonathanBy Jonathan on 31 March, 2010

    I was supposed to be at WC, but had a fairly last minute scheduling conflict. However, I have
    downloaded your presentation and went through it last night. Well done. I am planning on
    talking about pagination this week on http://localseo.org. Such a sexy topic. :)

  23. WonoBy Wono on 4 April, 2010

    Thanks a lot for this presentation.
    Best regards from germany!

  24. MicheleBy Michele on 4 April, 2010

    Hi Joost,
    I can’t wait for your presentation to go up on wordpress.tv. I check everyday.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Warm Regards,

  25. Andrew SullivanBy Andrew Sullivan on 7 April, 2010

    hey Joost, very informative & helpful tips provided through the Slide Show of 40tips in 40 mins.
    Thanks a lot, for such a good post.


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