First of all, I want to congratulate Idealizer with winning the free ticket to SES Hamburg. He understand best what these conferences are about for Marcus, Matt and me ;). I will contact you for the details! Thx to everyone who participated, hope to see you there!

There’s a few other things I wanted to mention. First of all, after my colleague Roy Huiskes, now my colleague Ramon Eijkemans has also started blogging in English on, focussing more on the content part of SEO. He’s already done a few great posts:

Enjoy! (And don’t forget to subscribe to his feed)

Next, I wanted to show you quickly how the SE’s are progressing on indexing and ranking this site. Well… They indexed it completely, and they did so in a hurry:


Google has already started deindexing, and already ranks #1 for [joost de valk]. Traffic has never been this high before, but that’s also due to the fact that I’ve been putting out some quality content. My WordPress SEO article got almost 6,000 links already according to Yahoo! SiteExplorer. I’ll do a full post on this in a week or two!

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9 Responses

  1. Paul SchoenmakersBy Paul Schoenmakers on 19 June, 2008

    Hey Yoast ;-)

    Is it a public tool where you got this crawl statistics? Hell, yeah I’m not a SEO guy..

  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 19 June, 2008

    Hey Paul, yes it is, it’s called WordPress Crawl Rate Tracker, a very cool plugin. The one I’m using is a slightly newer version, as I did some bugfixes, should be released tomorrow or so at Blogstorm.

  3. ChriscindBy Chriscind on 19 June, 2008

    Congratulation to Idealizer – damn, no chance!

    Thank you for the tool Joost.

    Best regards, Chris

  4. IlyaBy Ilya on 20 June, 2008

    Great tool Joost,

    Going to check it out right away. Awesome to read your WP post was such a linkbait-magnet!

  5. Robert FowlerBy Robert Fowler on 21 June, 2008

    Congrats on the new blog, I really like your layout/theme.
    The SEO article is something I will be studying for a long time, lol, as I am no SEO guy, but learning ;)

    Great job!

  6. FridayniteBy Fridaynite on 22 June, 2008

    Hehe – good choice, Joost.
    The answer to all questions is “BEER”

  7. GerBotBy GerBot on 8 July, 2008

    thanks for the tool mate.
    Will give it a whirl


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    I recently participated in an online drawing of an SES Hamburg ticket over on my friend Joost de Valk’s SEO Blog.
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