Win a ticket for SES Hamburg!

SES Hamburg

So SES Hamburg is close, very close, and if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, you can win one here! There are three reasons, according to Matt McGowan, to come to SES:

  1. Constructive feedback on how to improve your website’s visibility in the Search Engines – more relevant traffic, more sales
  2. Immediate feedback on how to improve your website’s look and feel, resulting in improved usability and increased traffic levels – more conversions and sales
  3. New case studies, new interactive sessions with a longer Q&A, new speakers – same focus on education!

Now these are fine reasons, but they’re a tad bit boring too… So: if you come up with three better reasons to come to SES Hamburg, you’ll have owed yourself a free full entrance pass! Judges will be Matt McGowan, Marcus Tandler and myself. To enter, just drop your three reasons in the comments!

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20 Responses

  1. SintBy Sint on 6 June, 2008

    Maybe because on june 23 and 24 there are no Euro 2008 matches? (SES Hamburg is just in between the group fase and semi finals, good planning)

  2. Eduard BlacquièreBy Eduard Blacquière on 6 June, 2008

    1. To get to know a lot of interesting people
    2. To see why SES is still a world leading Search conference
    3. To hear that paid links still work

  3. joghurtKULTURBy joghurtKULTUR on 6 June, 2008

    1. Meet the crazy German SEO Scene and the crazy Sailorwifes
    2. Get a little bit drunk!
    3. See a dutch guy crying cause the dutch soccer team is no longer on the em 2008

  4. IdealizerBy Idealizer on 6 June, 2008

    1. To drink beer with Jost de Valk
    2. To drink beer with Marcus Tandler
    3. To drink beer with Matt McGowen

  5. Erik-JanBy Erik-Jan on 6 June, 2008

    1, 2 and 3. After my wive left me, after my house exploded while cooking some (still) canned carrots, after I parked my car ’round a 300 years old, after Greenpeace sues me for ruining the tree, after I sued myself for forgetting to insure my car, …

    Yeah, I do need a few days off…

  6. Bas van den BeldBy Bas van den Beld on 6 June, 2008

    simple: to see who won this contest ;)

  7. AlexBy Alex on 7 June, 2008

    1. new ideas: to get input what is coming-up from the rest of the world in the SEO-Scene
    2. to listen to: “search around the world”, then “suchbegriffe recherchieren & zielgenaues marketing”, on Tuesday “Location Based Services (LBS)” then Ron’s “Probleme mit bezahlten Listings & Click-Betrug”, then “Die praktische Nutzung sozialer Medien (SMO) with Marcus
    3. networking: to meet the people I know from the german scene and to get new contacts

  8. Navin PoeranBy Navin Poeran on 8 June, 2008

    Euhm, is this contest valid for everyone? I mean I do live somewhere in South-America…

  9. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 8 June, 2008

    @All: thx for you entries so far!

    @Navin: well, we won’t pay your flight or hotel :)

  10. Hans de BruinBy Hans de Bruin on 9 June, 2008

    1. Search and find out it’s not about tricks but strategy
    2. Search and find out there’s more between SEO and SEA
    3. Search and find out why everyone here’s talking about beer :)

  11. gusmaBy gusma on 10 June, 2008

    Joost, that was pretty lame what you did, erasing my comment for no reason. Sorry. You just got off my reader. Have a good life.

  12. SteffenBy Steffen on 11 June, 2008

    1. I didn’t win a ticket for the SMX in Munich here
    2. I lost in the limerick competition for a SES Hamburg ticket there
    3. I don’t want to loose to again and become the SEO Ticketlooser of the year… And of course I want to meet you guys and attend some very good sessions

  13. AxelBy Axel on 12 June, 2008

    1. To read (or better listen) between the lines to learn more about the REAL stuff.
    2. Hanging out with SEOs allways is special.
    3. Does it need any more reasons?

  14. ChriscindBy Chriscind on 16 June, 2008

    Oh, I love such “tell me your inner wishes” – topics!

    1. First of all, to improve my very bad english by talking a lot with some super-multilingual seo’s (yes, swabians see the bavarian as a foreign language) and learnig much about the “real thing”!
    2. I’ve read a lot (Joost), I’ve heard a lot (Marcus), but I’ve never skoal(ed) with one of you!
    3. Last week some fools stole my bag with notebook and many of my unsecured datas – an the only thing I’ve won ever was a barmy umbrella – well, I badly need some hapiness!

    Cheers, Chris

  15. MelvinBy Melvin on 18 June, 2008

    whew.. great…

    1. for me to be exposed in other countries
    2. learn more
    3. look more beautiful girls… ;-)

  16. DanielBy Daniel on 18 June, 2008

    1. I want you to meet someone doing SEO as a hobby ;-)
    2. I want to skip university ;-)
    3. I want to visit my family in northern germany ;-)

    SES-related maybe: party, networking, sessions, but i’ll stay with the ones mentioned above ;-)

  17. ScottBy Scott on 18 June, 2008

    I need to get to a SES pronto:

    1. First reason , well…. have you seen my website? Its like an omelette of HTMl code, I´m sick of having egg on my face – I need some SEO know how now!
    2. Second reason to get to Hamburg SES : I´ve heard the German Sausage is something particularly disgusting and will film a “fear factor” video to post here later! Contestants welcome and I´ll provide the Sauerkraut, Meaty dish and Beer
    3. Finally, At some time in my life I actually have to move away from the computer and meet people, I have been a lurker long enough. Hamburg can be my transformation from geek to sleek-geek!

    Summary: Bad omellete will take German sausage challenge to metamorphosize into a Hip SEO Socilaite!

  18. swetaBy sweta on 22 June, 2008

    Reason to be in conference

    1. I never attended some seo conference. and u are giving free ticket.
    2. Want to meet Online marketing professional. want to check that how much good is my seo skill or knowledge is.?
    3. I m woman from india. which always get compliment that i never seen a girl in SEO field. So like to represnt my self.

    Nothing much to say. thanks for chance in ur compitition to win a free ticket.
    Best of luck for ur conference



  19. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 22 June, 2008

    Hi Sweta, sorry to inform you that the contest is closed :)

  20. Ron No-SEOBy Ron No-SEO on 10 July, 2008

    Hola Joost, tu progama con Mediadonis fue muy divertido, pero la proxima vez no podemos beber tanto. Estas super invitado de visitarnos en Berlin. El proximo SES sera en Berlin.

    Ron – el EX-SEO ;-)